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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife novari masi
daughter norang norang
daughter's daughter nompeng nompeng
daughter's husband nora nora
daughter's son nompeng nompeng
father mma mma
father's brother's older daughter mari mama
father's brother's older son tata mari
father's brother's younger daughter mari ntaramatnung
father's brother's younger son ntaramatnung mari
father's father kaka kaka
father's mother tete tete
father's sisters's older daughter naaikang masi
father's sisters's older son nori naaikung
father's sisters's younger daughter naaikang masi
father's sisters's younger son nori naaikung
father's older brother mma mma
father's older sister kaampo kaampo
father's younger brother mma mma
father's younger sister kaampo kaampo
husband - naung
husband's father - papa
husband's mother - kaampo
husband's sister - masi
mother nko nko
mother's brother's older daughter naaikang masi
mother's brother's older son nori naaikung
mother's brother's younger daughter naaikang masi
mother's brother's younger son nori naaikung
mother's father kaka kaka
mother's mother tete tete
mother's sisters's older daughter mari mama
mother's sisters's older son tata mari
mother's sisters's younger daughter mari ntaramatnung
mother's sisters's younger son ntaramatnung mari
mother's older brother papa papa
mother's older sister nko nko
mother's younger brother papa papa
mother's younger sister nko nko
son nuring nuring
son's daughter nompeng nompeng
son's son nompeng nompeng
wife naang -
wife's brother nori -
wife's father nora -
wife's mother nora -
sister's husband nori novari
older brother tata mari
older brother's daughter norang nampurunang
older brother's son nuring nampurunung
older sister mari mama
older sister's daughter nampurunang norang
older sister's son nampurunung nuring
younger brother ntaramatnung mari
younger brother's daughter norang nampurunang
younger brother's son nuring nampurunung
younger sister mari ntaramatnung
younger sister's daughter nampurunang norang
younger sister's son nampurunung nuring