Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter merej merej
daughter's daughter kaki kaki
daughter's husband - tamat
daughter's son kaki kaki
father deve deve
father's brother's older daughter ane -
father's brother's older son ane -
father's brother's younger daughter nungan -
father's brother's younger son nungan -
father's father kaki kaki
father's mother kaki kaki
father's sisters's older son - mwitei
father's sisters's younger son - mwitei
father's older brother tasor tasor
father's older sister mwidadum -
father's younger brother deve-toge -
father's younger sister mwidadum -
husband's brother - tasor
husband's father - kaki
mother ama ama
mother's brother's older daughter mwitei -
mother's brother's older son mwitei mwitei
mother's brother's younger daughter mwitei -
mother's brother's younger son mwitei mwitei
mother's father kaki kaki
mother's mother kaki kaki
mother's sisters's older daughter yakar -
mother's sisters's older son yakar yakar
mother's sisters's younger daughter yakar -
mother's sisters's younger son yakar yakar
mother's older brother bava -
mother's older sister bava -
mother's younger brother bava -
mother's younger sister bava -
son toge toge
son's daughter kaki kaki
son's son kaki kaki
son's wife kaki kaki
wife damave -
wife's brother kamat, ane-damave -
wife's father tamat -
wife's mother tamat -
wife's sister kamat -
sister's husband kamat kamat
older brother ane -
older brother's daughter merej -
older brother's son toge -
older sister ane -
older sister's daughter bava bava
older sister's son bava bava
younger brother nungan -
younger brother's daughter tasor -
younger brother's son tasor -
younger sister nungan -
younger sister's daughter bava bava
younger sister's son bava bava