Parents' and Parents' Siblings
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Children and Niblings
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter atenen atenen
daughter's daughter abuaien abuaien
daughter's husband etecekin etecekin
daughter's son abuaien abuaien
father cicango, caca, cecen cicango, caca, cecen
father's brother's daughter reisingen -
father's brother's son - reisingen
father's brother's older daughter reisingen -
father's brother's older son - reisingen
father's brother's younger daughter reisingen -
father's brother's younger son - reisingen
father's father papa papa
father's mother papa papa
father's sister's daughter reisingen -
father's sister's son - reisingen
father's sisters's older daughter reisingen -
father's sisters's older son - reisingen
father's sisters's younger daughter reisingen -
father's sisters's younger son - reisingen
father's older brother cicango, caca cicango, caca
father's older brother's daughter reisingen -
father's older brother's son - reisingen
father's older sister cekin cekin
father's older sister's daughter reisingen -
father's older sister's son - reisingen
father's younger brother cicango, caca cicango, caca
father's younger brother's daughter reisingen -
father's younger brother's son - reisingen
father's younger sister cekin cekin
father's younger sister's daughter reisingen -
father's younger sister's son - reisingen
husband - theden
husband's mother - etecekin
mother mimi, hmaien mimi, hmaien
mother's brother's daughter reisingen -
mother's brother's son - reisingen
mother's brother's older daughter reisingen -
mother's brother's older son - reisingen
mother's brother's younger daughter reisingen -
mother's brother's younger son - reisingen
mother's father papa papa
mother's mother papa papa
mother's sister's daughter reisingen -
mother's sister's son - reisingen
mother's sisters's older daughter reisingen -
mother's sisters's older son - reisingen
mother's sisters's younger daughter reisingen -
mother's sisters's younger son - reisingen
mother's older brother caca caca
mother's older brother's daughter reisingen -
mother's older brother's son - reisingen
mother's older sister hmaien hmaien
mother's older sister's daughter reisingen -
mother's older sister's son - reisingen
mother's younger brother caca caca
mother's younger brother's daughter reisingen -
mother's younger brother's son - reisingen
mother's younger sister hmaien hmaien
mother's younger sister's daughter reisingen -
mother's younger sister's son - reisingen
son atenen atenen
son's daughter abuaien abuaien
son's son abuaien abuaien
son's wife etecekin etecekin
wife theden -
wife's mother etecekin -
older brother remama, mama remama, mama
older brother's son abuaien abuaien
older sister mama mama
older sister's daughter anuen anuen
older sister's son anuen, abuaien anuen, abuaien
younger brother cel, celuaien cel, celuaien
younger brother's son abuaien abuaien
younger sister resingen -
younger sister's daughter anuen anuen
younger sister's son anuen, abuaien anuen, abuaien