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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's daughter -fak-čeʔ -fak-čeʔ
brother's son -faklaʔ -faklaʔ
child -kles -kles
daughter -ɔs-e -ɔs-e
daughter's daughter -nɔc̷ˀɔxkee, -ntakliščˀe -nɔc̷ˀɔxkee, -ntakliščˀe
daughter's husband -tɔmitaʔ -tɔmitaʔ
daughter's son -ntakšičˀa, -nɔʔc̷ičˀa -ntakšičˀa, -nɔʔc̷ičˀa
father -tata -tata
father's brother -txoʔk -txoʔk
father's brother's daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's brother's son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's brother's older daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's brother's older son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's brother's younger daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's brother's younger son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's father -ktˀeʔč -ktˀeʔč
father's mother -ktˀe -ktˀe
father's sister -tˀox -tˀox
father's sister's daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's sister's son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's sisters's older daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's sisters's older son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's sisters's younger daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's sisters's younger son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's older brother -txoʔk -txoʔk
father's older brother's daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's older brother's son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's older sister -tˀox -tˀox
father's older sister's daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's older sister's son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's younger brother -txoʔk -txoʔk
father's younger brother's daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's younger brother's son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's younger sister -tˀox -tˀox
father's younger sister's daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
father's younger sister's son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
husband -čˀakfa -čˀakfa
husband's father -kaktˀeč -kaktˀeč
husband's mother -kaktˀe -kaktˀe
mother -mimi -mimi
mother's brother -txoʔk -txoʔk
mother's brother's daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's brother's son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's brother's older daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's brother's older son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's brother's younger daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's brother's younger son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's father -ktˀeʔč -ktˀeʔč
mother's mother -ktˀe -ktˀe
mother's sister -tˀox -tˀox
mother's sister's daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's sister's son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's sisters's older daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's sisters's older son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's sisters's younger daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's sisters's younger son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's older brother -txoʔk -txoʔk
mother's older brother's daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's older brother's son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's older sister -tˀox -tˀox
mother's older sister's daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's older sister's son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's younger brother -txoʔk -txoʔk
mother's younger brother's daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's younger brother's son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's younger sister -tˀox -tˀox
mother's younger sister's daughter -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
mother's younger sister's son -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ -čˀiniš, -čeklaʔ
son -aɔs -aɔs
son's daughter -nɔc̷ˀɔxkee, -ntakliščˀe -nɔc̷ˀɔxkee, -ntakliščˀe
son's son -ntakšičˀa, -nɔʔc̷ičˀa -ntakšičˀa, -nɔʔc̷ičˀa
son's wife -tɔmteʔ -tɔmteʔ
wife -čˀakfa -čˀakfa
wife's father -kaktˀeč -kaktˀeč
wife's mother -kaktˀe -kaktˀe
sister's daughter -fak-čeʔ -fak-čeʔ
sister's son -faklaʔ -faklaʔ
older brother's daughter -fak-čeʔ -fak-čeʔ
older brother's son -faklaʔ -faklaʔ
older sister's daughter -fak-čeʔ -fak-čeʔ
older sister's son -faklaʔ -faklaʔ
younger brother -onax -onax
younger brother's daughter -fak-čeʔ -fak-čeʔ
younger brother's son -faklaʔ -faklaʔ
younger sister -sunxa -sunxa
younger sister's daughter -fak-čeʔ -fak-čeʔ
younger sister's son -faklaʔ -faklaʔ