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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife mbát mbát
daughter táná táná
daughter's daughter mònòp mònòp
daughter's husband àrwòn àrwòn
daughter's son mònòp mònòp
father àmbé àmbé
father's brother's older daughter òní òní
father's brother's older son àmbàng àmbàng
father's brother's younger daughter támàn támàn
father's brother's younger son támàn támàn
father's father èwó èwó
father's mother èwó èwó
father's sisters's older daughter mònggòp mònggòp
father's sisters's older son mònggòp mònggòp
father's sisters's younger daughter mònggòp mònggòp
father's sisters's younger son mònggòp mònggòp
father's older brother àmbé àmbé
father's older sister nìmbá nìmbá
father's younger brother àmbé àmbé
father's younger sister nìmbá nìmbá
husband's sister - kíndík
mother enàng enàng
mother's brother's older daughter enàng enàng
mother's brother's older son mòm mòm
mother's brother's younger daughter enàng enàng
mother's brother's younger son mòm mòm
mother's father èwó èwó
mother's mother èwó èwó
mother's sisters's older daughter òní òní
mother's sisters's older son àmbàng àmbàng
mother's sisters's younger daughter támàn támàn
mother's sisters's younger son támàn támàn
mother's older brother mòm mòm
mother's older sister enàng enàng
mother's younger brother mòm mòm
mother's younger sister enàng enàng
son táná táná
son's daughter mònòp mònòp
son's son mònòp mònòp
wife àmbuj -
wife's brother mbát -
wife's father àrwòn -
wife's mother àrwòn -
wife's sister mbát -
sister's husband mbát mbát
older brother àmbàng àmbàng
older brother's daughter táná támàn
older brother's son táná támàn
older sister òní òní
older sister's daughter mònggòp -
older sister's son mònggòp -
younger brother támàn támàn
younger brother's daughter táná támàn
younger brother's son táná támàn
younger sister támàn támàn
younger sister's daughter mònggòp -
younger sister's son mònggòp -