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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
child már már
father óóka, óóga óóka, óóga
father's mother káásuli káásuli
father's sister vovóítya vovóítya
father's older sister ookáli ookáli
father's younger sister vovóítya vovóítya
husband - kúna
mother daáda, naan daáda, naan
mother's father baábab baábab
mother's mother úúli úúli
mother's sister vovóítya vovóítya
mother's older sister vovóítya vovóítya
mother's younger brother tatáli tatáli
mother's younger sister dïišííka, dyišíka dïišííka, dyišíka
older brother šiiši, šiïïgï, sisi šiiši, šiïïgï, sisi
older sister sisi sisi