Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's daughter doshem ikwem nin'akshim ikwem
brother's son doshem nin'akshim
brother's wife nimen -
child's child noses noses
daughter danes danes
daughter's daughter noses noses
daughter's daughter's husband noses noses
daughter's husband doshem doshem
daughter's son noses noses
daughter's son's wife noses noses
father nidada nidada
father's brother nomoshomis nomoshomis
father's brother's daughter - nimises
father's brother's wife n'doses n'doses
father's brother's older daughter nidawema nimises
father's brother's older son nishikwese nishimes
father's brother's younger daughter nijimish nimises
father's brother's younger son nijimish nijimish
father's father nomoshom nomoshom
father's mother nokom nokom
father's sister nisekoos nisekoos
father's sister's daughter - nijakoos
father's sister's husband nihishes nihishes
father's sister's son - nijimoos
father's sisters's older daughter nimen nijakoos
father's sisters's older son nitaoos nijimoos
father's sisters's younger daughter nimen nijakoos
father's sisters's younger son nitaoos nijimoos
father's older brother nomoshomis nomoshomis
father's older brother's daughter - nimises
father's older sister nisekoos nisekoos
father's older sister's daughter - nijakoos
father's older sister's son - nijimoos
father's younger brother nomoshomis nomoshomis
father's younger brother's daughter - nimises
father's younger sister nisekoos nisekoos
father's younger sister's daughter - nijakoos
father's younger sister's son - nijimoos
husband - niwijihakan
husband's brother - nijimoos
husband's father - nihishes
husband's mother - nisekoos
husband's sister - nijakoos
mother nimama nimama
mother's brother nihishes nihishes
mother's brother's daughter - nijakoos
mother's brother's son - nijimoos
mother's brother's wife nisekoos nisekoos
mother's brother's older daughter nimen nijakoos
mother's brother's older son nitaoos nijimoos
mother's brother's younger daughter nimen nijakoos
mother's brother's younger son nitaoos nijimoos
mother's father nomoshom nomoshom
mother's mother nokom nokom
mother's sister n'doses n'doses
mother's sister's daughter - nimises
mother's sister's husband nomoshomis nomoshomis
mother's sisters's older daughter nidawema nimises
mother's sisters's older son nishikwese nishimes
mother's sisters's younger daughter nijimish nimises
mother's sisters's younger son nijimish nijimish
mother's older brother nihishes nihishes
mother's older brother's daughter - nijakoos
mother's older brother's son - nijimoos
mother's older sister n'doses n'doses
mother's older sister's daughter - nimises
mother's younger brother nihishes nihishes
mother's younger brother's daughter - nijakoos
mother's younger brother's son - nijimoos
mother's younger sister n'doses n'doses
mother's younger sister's daughter - nimises
son goses goses
son's daughter noses noses
son's daughter's husband noses noses
son's son noses noses
son's son's wife noses noses
son's wife doshem ikwem doshem ikwem
wife niwijihakan -
wife's brother nitaoos -
wife's father nihishes -
wife's mother nisekoos -
wife's sister nimen -
sister's daughter nin'akshem ikwem doshem ikwem
sister's husband nitaoos -
sister's son nin'akshem doshem
older brother nishikwese nishimes
older brother's daughter doshem ikwem nin'akshim ikwem
older brother's son doshem nin'akshim
older sister nidawema nimises
older sister's daughter nin'akshem ikwem doshem ikwem
older sister's son nin'akshem doshem
younger brother nijimish nijimish
younger brother's daughter doshem ikwem nin'akshim ikwem
younger brother's son doshem nin'akshim
younger sister nijimish nimises
younger sister's daughter nin'akshem ikwem doshem ikwem
younger sister's son nin'akshem doshem