Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's daughter tuma tuma
brother's son tu tu
brother's wife mayi mayi
child's child myi myi
daughter ami ami
daughter's husband ame ame
father aphei aphei
father's brother's wife jiji, dolei jiji, dolei
father's father aphou aphou
father's mother aphwa aphwa
father's sister's husband ulei, pharji ulei, pharji
father's older brother pharji pharji
father's older sister jiji jiji
father's younger brother ulei ulei
father's younger sister dolei dolei
husband kou kou kou kou
husband's brother mu mu
husband's father yaukkhama yaukkhama
husband's mother yaukkhama yaukkhama
husband's sister yaumma yaumma
mother amei amei
mother's brother's wife jiji, dolei jiji, dolei
mother's father aphou aphou
mother's mother aphwa aphwa
mother's sister's husband ulei, pharji ulei, pharji
mother's older brother pharji pharji
mother's older sister jiji jiji
mother's younger brother ulei ulei
mother's younger sister dolei dolei
son a a
son's wife cweima cweima
wife nyimalei nyimalei
wife's brother yauppha yauppha
wife's father yaukkhama yaukkhama
wife's mother yaukkhama yaukkhama
wife's sister mayi, khema mayi, khema
sister's daughter tuma tuma
sister's son tu tu
older brother akou akou
older brother's daughter tuma tuma
older brother's son tu tu
older sister ama ama
older sister's daughter tuma tuma
older sister's son tu tu
younger brother nyi maun
younger brother's daughter tuma tuma
younger brother's son tu tu
younger sister hnama nyima
younger sister's daughter tuma tuma
younger sister's son tu tu