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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter n'-däʼ-nä n'-däʼ-nä
daughter's daughter no-sa-mäʼ no-sa-mäʼ
daughter's husband n'-däʼ-gwä-läʼ n'-däʼ-gwä-läʼ
daughter's son no-sa-mäʼ no-sa-mäʼ
father noʼ-säʼ noʼ-säʼ
father's brother's older daughter ne-me-säʼ ne-me-säʼ
father's brother's older son ne-sǎ-zäʼ ne-sǎ-zäʼ
father's brother's younger daughter ne-she-mäʼ ne-she-mäʼ
father's brother's younger son ne-she-mäʼ ne-she-mäʼ
father's father na-mǎ-sho-mäʼ na-mǎ-sho-mäʼ
father's mother noʼ-ko-mäʼ noʼ-ko-mäʼ
father's sisters's older daughter ne-she-mis-säʼ n'-däʼ-nä
father's sisters's older son ne-läʼ-gwa-lis-sä ne-gwis-säʼ
father's sisters's younger daughter ne-she-mis-säʼ n'-däʼ-nä
father's sisters's younger son ne-läʼ-gwa-lis-sä ne-gwis-säʼ
father's older brother no-säʼ no-säʼ
father's older sister ne-sǎ-gwis-säʼ ne-sǎ-gwis-säʼ
father's younger brother no-säʼ no-säʼ
father's younger sister ne-sǎ-gwis-säʼ ne-sǎ-gwis-säʼ
husband - nä-ba-mäʼ
husband's father - no-sa-mahʼ
husband's mother - no-sa-mahʼ
mother ne-ge-ahʼ ne-ge-ahʼ
mother's brother's older daughter ne-ge-ahʼ ne-ge-ahʼ
mother's brother's older son ne-zheʼ-san ne-zheʼ-san
mother's brother's younger daughter ne-ge-ahʼ ne-ge-ahʼ
mother's brother's younger son ne-zheʼ-san ne-zheʼ-san
mother's father na-mǎ-sho-mäʼ na-mǎ-sho-mäʼ
mother's mother noʼ-ko-mäʼ noʼ-ko-mäʼ
mother's sisters's older daughter ne-me-säʼ ne-me-säʼ
mother's sisters's older son ne-sǎ-zäʼ ne-sǎ-zä'
mother's sisters's younger daughter ne-she-mäʼ ne-she-mäʼ
mother's sisters's younger son ne-she-mäʼ ne-she-mäʼ
mother's older brother ne-zhe-sänʼ ne-zhe-sänʼ
mother's older sister ne-ge-ahʼ ne-ge-ahʼ
mother's younger brother ne-zhe-sänʼ ne-zhe-sänʼ
mother's younger sister ne-ge-ahʼ ne-ge-ahʼ
son ne-gwis-säʼ ne-gwis-säʼ
son's daughter no-sa-mäʼ no-sa-mäʼ
son's son no-sa-mäʼ no-sa-mäʼ
son's wife no-ko-mäʼ, nä-häʼ-gä-naʼ-kwä no-ko-mäʼ, nä-hä-gä-na-kwä
wife ne-we-wäʼ -
wife's father na-maʼ-sho-mäʼ-ke-ahʼ -
wife's mother ne-zakʼ-ses-a-ke-ahʼ -
older brother ne-sǎ-zä' ne-sǎ-zä'
older brother's daughter n'-däʼ-näʼ n'-däʼ-näʼ
older brother's son ne-gwis-säʼ ne-läʼ-gwä-lis-säʼ
older sister ne-me-säʼ ne-me-säʼ
older sister's daughter ne-she-mis-säʼ n'-däʼ-näʼ
older sister's son ne-läʼ-gwä-lis-säʼ ne-gwis-säʼ
younger brother ne-she-mäʼ ne-she-mäʼ
younger brother's daughter n'-däʼ-näʼ n'-däʼ-näʼ
younger brother's son ne-gwis-säʼ ne-läʼ-gwä-lis-säʼ
younger sister ne-she-mäʼ ne-she-mäʼ
younger sister's daughter ne-she-mis-säʼ n'-däʼ-näʼ
younger sister's son ne-läʼ-gwä-lis-säʼ ne-gwis-säʼ