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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter ese-tumʼ-ke-ilt ese-tumʼ-ke-ilt
daughter's daughter ese-in-eʼ-malt ese-in-eʼ-malt
daughter's husband ees-neekʼ-allon ees-neekʼ-al-lon
daughter's son ese-in-eʼ-malt ese-in-eʼ-malt
father in-messʼ-tum in-messʼ-tum
father's mother e-stum-teʼ-mä e-stum-teʼ-mä
father's older sister ese-wǎʼ-wä-sǎ ese-wǎʼ-wä-sǎ
father's younger sister ese-wǎʼ-wä-sǎ ese-wǎʼ-wä-sǎ
husband - ese-hileʼ-wa
husband's father - ese-hˑäʼ-hä
husband's mother - eel-cheetskʼ
mother in-toomʼ in-toomʼ
mother's mother e-stum-teʼ-mä e-stum-teʼ-mä
mother's older brother e-se-seeʼ e-se-seeʼ
mother's younger brother e-se-seeʼ e-se-seeʼ
son ese-koo-seeʼ ese-koo-seeʼ
son's daughter ese-in-eʼ-malt ese-in-eʼ-malt
son's son ese-in-eʼ-malt ese-in-eʼ-malt
son's wife e-seeʼ-pen e-seeʼ-pen
wife e-nahˑʼ-naw -
older brother eel-käk-chä ell-käkʼ-chä
older sister eel-keʼ-kä eel-keʼ-kä
older sister's daughter - kas-toon-che-alt, in-kachʼ-hä
older sister's son eese-thilt-wildʼ -
younger brother eel-seʼ-sin-chä eel-seeʼ-sin-chä
younger sister eel-cheʼ-choopsʼ eel-cheʼ-choopsʼ
younger sister's daughter - kas-toon-che-alt, in-kachʼ-hä
younger sister's son eese-thilt-wildʼ -