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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
ancestor altmāga, aftfordoron altmāga, aftfordoron
brother bruodar bruodar
brother's daughter nift, niftila nift, niftila
brother's son nevo, bruodersun nevo, bruodersun
brother's wife geswige geswige
child kind, barn kind, barn
daughter tohter tohter
daughter's daughter nift nift
daughter's husband eidum eidum
daughter's son eninchil, nevo eninchil, nevo
father fordoro, fater fordoro, fater
father's brother fetiro fetiro
father's brother's daughter feterin tohter feterin tohter
father's brother's son feterinsun feterinsun
father's father ano, altvater ano, altvater
father's mother altmuoter, uota, ana altmuoter, uota, ana
father's wife (not mother) stiufmuotar stiufmuotar
father's sister basa basa
father's sister's daughter basun tohter basun tohter
father's sister's son basunsun basunsun
grandparent gi-swester gi-swester
husband - man, hīwo, wirt, karl, gom-man, gimahalo
husband's brother - swāgur, zeihhur
husband's daughter (not daughter) - stiuftohter
husband's father - swehur
husband's mother - swigar
husband's son (not son) - stiufsun
husband's sister - geswige
mother muotar muotar
mother's brother ōheim ōheim
mother's brother's daughter ōheimes tohter ōheimes tohter
mother's brother's son ōheimessun ōheimessun
mother's father ano, altvater ano, altvater
mother's husband (not father) stiuffater stiuffater
mother's mother altmuoter, uota, ana altmuoter, uota, ana
mother's sister muoma, mustera muoma, mustera
mother's sister's daughter muomun tohter muomun tohter
mother's sister's son muomunsun muomunsun
parent altiron altiron
son sun sun
son's daughter nift nift
son's son eninchil, eninkilī, nevo eninchil, eninkilī, nevo
son's wife snura snura
wife wīb, hīwa, quena, gi-mahha, wirtun, gimahala, winia, gi-māla -
wife's brother swāgur, zeihhur -
wife's daughter (not daughter) stiuftohter -
wife's father swehur -
wife's mother swigar -
wife's son (not son) stiufsun -
wife's sister geswige -
sister swestar swestar
sister's husband swāgur, zeihhur swāgur, zeihhur
sister's son swestersun, nevo, sustersun swestersun, nevo, sustersun