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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter we-zhun̤ʼ-ga we-zhun̤ʼ-ga
daughter's daughter wee-tǔshʼ-pä wee-tǔshʼ-pä
daughter's husband we-tǒn̤ʼ-da we-tǒn̤ʼ-da
daughter's son we-tǔshʼ-pä we-tǔshʼ-pä
father in-däʼ-de in-däʼ-de
father's brother's older daughter we-tǒn̤ʼ-ga wee-zǒnʼ-thä
father's brother's older son wee-teʼ-noo wee-teʼ-noo
father's brother's younger daughter we-tǒnʼ-ga wee-tǒnʼ-ga
father's brother's younger son wee-sǒnʼ-gä wee-sǒnʼ-gä
father's father wee-teʼ-ga wee-teʼ-ga
father's mother weeʼkä weeʼkä
father's sisters's older daughter we-teʼ-zhä wee-zhun̤ʼ-ga
father's sisters's older son we-toansʼ-kä we-zhun̤ʼ-ga
father's sisters's younger daughter we-teʼ-zhä wee-zhun̤ʼ-ga
father's sisters's younger son we-toansʼ-kä we-zhin̤ʼ-ga
father's older brother in-däʼ-de in-däʼ-de
father's older sister wee-teeʼ-me wee-teeʼ-me
father's younger brother in-däʼ-de in-däʼ-de
father's younger sister wee-teeʼ-me wee-teeʼ-me
husband - wee-ǎʼ-grǒn̤-kä
husband's father - wee-teʼ-ga
husband's mother - weeʼ-kä
mother eʼ-näʼ-ha eʼ-näʼ-ha
mother's brother's older daughter e-näʼ-hä e-näʼ-hä
mother's brother's older son wee-näʼ-gee wee-näʼ-gee
mother's brother's younger daughter e-näʼ-hä e-näʼ-hä
mother's brother's younger son wee-näʼ-gee wee-näʼ-gee
mother's father wee-teʼ-ga wee-teʼ-ga
mother's mother weeʼkä weeʼkä
mother's sisters's older daughter wee-tǒn̤ʼ-ga wee-zǒnʼ-thǎ
mother's sisters's older son wee-zheʼ-thǎ we-teʼ-noo
mother's sisters's younger daughter wee-tǒnʼ-gä wee-tǒnʼ-ga
mother's sisters's younger son wee-sǒn̤ʼ-gä wee-sǒn̤ʼ-gä
mother's older brother wee-näʼ-gee wee-näʼ-gee
mother's older sister e-näʼ-hä e-näʼ-hä
mother's younger brother wee-näʼ-gee wee-näʼ-gee
mother's younger sister e-näʼ-hä e-näʼ-hä
son we-nǐsʼ-se we-zhin-go
son's daughter wee-tǔshʼ-pä wee-tǔshʼ-pä
son's son we-tǔshʼ-pä we-tǔshʼ-pä
son's wife we-teʼ-na we-teʼ-na
wife wee-gäʼ-thnough -
wife's father ashe-ahʼ-ga -
wife's mother gahʼ-ga -
older brother wee-zheʼ-thǎ wee-teʼ-noo
older brother's daughter we-zhun̤-ga we-zhun̤-ga
older brother's son wee-nǐʼ-se wee-toansʼ-kä
older sister wee-tǒuʼ-ga wee-zǒn̤ʼ-thǎ
older sister's daughter we-teʼ-zhä we-zhun̤-ga
older sister's son wee-toansʼ-kä wee-zhin̤-ga
younger brother wee-sǒn̤ʼ-gä wee-sǒn̤ʼ-gä, käʼ-gä
younger brother's daughter we-zhun̤-ga we-zhun̤-ga
younger brother's son wee-nǐʼ-se wee-toansʼ-kä
younger sister wee-tǒnʼ-gä weeʼ-hä, wee-tǒnʼ-gä
younger sister's daughter we-teʼ-zhä we-zhun̤-ga
younger sister's son wee-toansʼ-kä wee-zhin̤-ga