Parents' and Parents' Siblings
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter we-shonʼ-ka we-shonʼ-ka
daughter's daughter we-choseʼ-pä we-choseʼ-pä
daughter's husband we-tonʼ-chä we-tonʼ-chä
daughter's son we-choseʼ-pä we-choseʼ-pä
father in-täʼ-che in-täʼ-che
father's brother's older daughter we-tunʼ-ka we-shoʼ-ka
father's brother's older son we-chinʼ-to we-chinʼ-to
father's brother's younger daughter we-tunʼ-ka we-tunʼ-ka
father's brother's younger son we-sonʼ-kä we-sonʼ-kä
father's father we-cheʼ-cho we-cheʼ-cho
father's mother e-cheʼ e-cheʼ
father's sisters's older daughter we-cheʼ-zho we-shonʼ-ka
father's sisters's older son we-choseʼ-kä we-shenʼ-kä
father's sisters's younger daughter we-cheʼ-zho we-shonʼ-ka
father's sisters's younger son we-choseʼ-kǎ we-shénʼ-kä
father's older brother in-täʼ-che in-täʼ-che
father's older sister we-jeʼ-me we-jeʼ-me
father's younger brother in-täʼ-che in-täʼ-che
father's younger sister we-jeʼ-me we-jeʼ-me
husband - ne-chaʼ
husband's father - we-cheʼ-cho
husband's mother - e-cheʼ
mother in-nahʼ in-nahʼ
mother's brother's older daughter in-nahʼ in-nahʼ
mother's brother's older son we-jaʼ-ga we-jaʼ-ga
mother's brother's younger daughter in-nahʼ in-nahʼ
mother's brother's younger son we-jaʼ-ga we-jaʼ-ga
mother's father we-cheʼ-cho we-cheʼ-cho
mother's mother e-cheʼ e-cheʼ
mother's sisters's older daughter we-tunʼ-ka we-shoʼ-la
mother's sisters's older son we-sheʼ-lä we-chinʼ-to
mother's sisters's younger daughter we-tunʼ-ka we-tunʼ-ka
mother's sisters's younger son we-sonʼ-kä we-sonʼkä
mother's older brother we-jaʼ-ga we-jaʼ-ga
mother's older sister inʼ-uaw inʼ-uaw
mother's younger brother we-jaʼ-ga we-jaʼ-ga
mother's younger sister inʼ-uaw inʼ-uaw
son we-sheʼ-kä we-sheʼ-kä
son's daughter we-choseʼ-pä we-choseʼ-pä
son's son we-choseʼ-pä we-choseʼ-pä
son's wife we-cheʼ-ne we-cheʼ-ne
wife wa-cheʼ -
older brother we-sheʼ-lä we-chinʼ-to
older brother's daughter we-shonʼ-ka we-shonʼ-ka
older brother's son we-sheʼ-kä we-choseʼ-ka
older sister we-tunʼ-ka we-shoʼ-la
older sister's daughter we-cheʼ-zho we-shonʼ-ka
older sister's son we-choseʼ-kä we-shenʼ-kä
younger brother we-sonʼ-kä we-sonʼ-kä
younger brother's daughter we-shonʼ-ka we-shonʼ-ka
younger brother's son we-sheʼ-kä we-choseʼ-ka
younger sister we-tunʼ-ka we-tunʼ-ka
younger sister's daughter we-cheʼ-zho we-shonʼ-ka
younger sister's son we-choseʼ-kä we-shenʼ-kä