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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter he-yun̤ʼ-ga he-yun̤ʼ-ga
daughter's daughter e-täʼ-kwä-me e-täʼ-kwä-me
daughter's husband wan-doʼ-ha wan-doʼ-ha
daughter's son e-täʼ-kwä e-täʼ-kwä
father hinʼ-kä hinʼ-kä
father's brother's older daughter wau-heʼ-cha heen-tängʼ-a
father's brother's older son hee-yeʼ-nä hee-yeʼ-nä
father's brother's younger daughter heen-tauʼ-gǎ heen-tänʼ-gǎ
father's brother's younger son heen-thunʼ-ga e-chunʼ-cha
father's father e-tǔʼ-kä e-tǔʼ-kä
father's mother hin-kǔʼ-ne hin-kǔʼ-ne
father's sisters's older daughter hin-toseʼ-kee-me he-yun̤ʼ-ga
father's sisters's older son hin-toseʼ-kee he-neʼ-cha
father's sisters's younger daughter hin-tose-kee-me he-yun̤ʼ-ga
father's sisters's younger son hin-teseʼ-kee he-neʼ-cha
father's older brother hinʼ-kä hinʼ-kä
father's older sister e-tǔʼ-me e-tǔʼ-me
father's younger brother hinʼ-kä hinʼ-kä
father's younger sister e-tǔʼ-me e-tǔʼ-me
husband - en-kr-͡gäʼ-me
husband's father - e-tǔʼ-kä
husband's mother - hin-kǔʼ-ne
mother heʼ-nah heʼ-nah
mother's brother's older daughter heʼ-nah heʼ-nah
mother's brother's older son hin-chäʼ-kä hin-chäʼ-kä
mother's brother's younger daughter heʼ-nah heʼ-nah
mother's brother's younger son hin-chäʼ-kä hin-chäʼ-kä
mother's father e-tǔʼ-kä e-tǔʼ-kä
mother's mother hin-kǔʼ-ne hin-kǔʼ-ne
mother's sisters's older daughter wau-heʼ-cha heen-tänʼ-ga
mother's sisters's older son he-yeʼ-nä he-yeʼ-nä
mother's sisters's younger daughter heen-tan̤ʼ-gǎ heen-tänʼ-gǎ
mother's sisters's younger son heen-thunʼ-ga e-chunʼ-che
mother's older brother hin-chaʼ-kä hin-chaʼ-kä
mother's older sister heʼ-nah heʼ-nah
mother's younger brother hin-chaʼ-kä hin-chaʼ-kä
mother's younger sister heʼ-nah heʼ-nah
son he-neʼ-cha he-neʼ-cha
son's daughter e-täʼ-kwä-me e-täʼ-kwä-me
son's son e-täʼ-kwä e-täʼ-kwä
son's wife hin-toʼ-ne hin-toʼ-ne
wife een-tǎʼ-me -
wife's father e-tǔʼ-kä -
wife's mother hin̤-kǔʼ-ne -
older brother hee-yeʼ-nä hee-yeʼ-nä
older brother's daughter he-yun̤ʼ-ga he-yun̤ʼ-ga
older brother's son he-neʼ-cha hin-toseʼ-kee
older sister wau-heʼ-cha heen-tangʼ-a
older sister's daughter hin-toseʼ-kee-mee he-yun̤ʼ-ga
older sister's son hin-toseʼ-kee he-neʼ-cha
younger brother heen-thunʼ-ga e-chunʼ-che
younger brother's daughter he-yun̤ʼ-ga he-yun̤ʼ-ga
younger brother's son he-neʼ-cha hin-toseʼ-kee
younger sister heen-tan̤ʼ-gǎ heen-tauʼ-gǎ
younger sister's daughter hin-toseʼ-kee-mee he-yun̤ʼ-ga
younger sister's son hin-toseʼ-kee he-neʼ-cha