Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's child temominoa temiariroa
brother's daughter tejowajyna -pega
brother's son tejowa'yna -pega
brother's wife tekojara teoke'ia
child's child temominoa temiariroa
daughter tajyra -memyra
daughter's husband tajywena -pega
father towa -
father's brother towyra -
father's brother's daughter tenyra -
father's brother's daughter's daughter tekojara tejomemyna
father's brother's daughter's son tekojara tejomemyna
father's brother's son - -kywyra
father's brother's son's daughter tejowajyna -
father's brother's son's son tejowa'yna -
father's brother's son's wife - teoke'ia
father's brother's older daughter tenyra tykyra
father's brother's older son teke'yra -kywyra
father's brother's younger daughter tenyra -pyky'yra
father's brother's younger son tywyra -kywyra
father's father tamonia -
father's father's brother tamonia -
father's father's brother's daughter -jaje -
FFBDeD tekojara -
FFBDeS -'yra -
FFBDyD - tejomemyna
FFBDyS - tejomemyna
father's father's brother's son towyra -
father's father's brother's son's daughter tenyra -
father's father's brother's son's son - -kywyra
FFBSeD - tykyra
FFBSeS teke'yra -
FFBSyD - -pyky'yra
FFBSyS tywyra -
father's father's sister jaria -
father's mother jaria -
father's mother's brother tamonia -
father's mother's sister jaria -
father's mother's sister's daughter -jaje -
FMZDeD tekojara -
FMZDeS -'yra -
FMZDyD - tejomemyna
FMZDyS - tejomemyna
father's mother's sister's son towyra -
FMZSD tenyra -
FMZSS - -kywyra
FMZSeD - tykyra
FMZSeS teke'yra -
FMZSyD - -pyky'yra
FMZSyS tywyra -
father's sister -jaje -
FZDyD tejowajyna -
FZDyS tejowa'yna -
father's sisters's older daughter -'yra -
father's sisters's older son totyra -
father's sisters's younger daughter tekojara tejomemyna
father's sisters's younger son tekojara tejomemyna
father's older brother towyra -
father's older brother's daughter tenyra -
father's older brother's son - -kywyra
father's older sister -jaje -
father's younger brother towyra -
father's younger brother's daughter tenyra -
father's younger brother's son - -kywyra
father's younger sister -jaje -
husband - -mena
husband's father - totyra
husband's father's brother's daughter - teoke'ia
husband's mother - -meny'a
husband's mother's sister - -meny'a
husband's mother's sister's daughter - teoke'ia
husband's sister - teoke'ia
husband's elder brother - totyra
husband's younger brother - tejomemyna
mother -'y'a -
mother's brother totyra -
MBDyD tejowajyna -
MBDyS tejowa'yna -
mother's brother's son - -kywyra
mother's brother's older daughter -'yra -
mother's brother's older son totyra -kywyra
mother's brother's younger daughter tekojara tejomemyna
mother's brother's younger son tekojara tejomemyna
mother's father tamonia -
mother's father's brother tamonia -
mother's father's brother's daughter -'yra -
MFBDD tenyra -
MFBDS - -kywyra
MFBDeD - tykyra
MFBDeS teke'yra -
MFBDyD - -pyky'yra
MFBDyS tywyra -
mother's father's brother's son totyra -
MFBSeD -'yra -
MFBSeS totyra -
MFBSyD tekojara -
MFBSyS tekojara tejomemyna
mother's father's sister jaria -
mother's mother jaria -
mother's mother's brother tamonia -
mother's mother's sister jaria -
mother's mother's sister's daughter -'yra -
MMZDD tenyra -
mother's mother's sister's daughter's son - -kywyra
mother's mother's sister's daughter's older daughter - tykyra
MMZDeS teke'yra -
mother's mother's sister's daughter's younger daughter - -pyky'yra
mother's mother's sister's daughter's younger son tywyra -
mother's mother's sister's son totyra -
MMZSeD -'yra -
MMZSeS totyra -
MMZSyD tekojara tejomemyna
MMZSyS tekojara tejomemyna
mother's sister -'yra -
mother's sister's daughter tenyra -
mother's sister's daughter's daughter tekojara tejomemyna
mother's sister's daughter's son tekojara tejomemyna
mother's sister's son's daughter tejowajyna -pega
mother's sister's son's son tejowa'yna -pega
mother's sister's son's wife - teoke'ia
mother's sisters's older daughter tenyra tykyra
mother's sisters's older son teke'yra -
mother's sisters's younger daughter tenyra -pyky'yra
mother's sisters's younger son tywyra -
mother's older brother totyra -
mother's older brother's son - -kywyra
mother's older sister -'yra -
mother's older sister's daughter tenyra -
mother's younger brother totyra -
mother's younger brother's son - -kywyra
mother's younger sister -'yra -
mother's younger sister's daughter tenyra -
son ta'yra -memyra
son's wife tekojara -memytaty'a
wife taty'a -
wife's brother tairo'yra -
wife's father tatyhowa -
wife's mother -jaje -
wife's sister tekojara -
wife's elder sister -'yra -
wife's younger sister tekojara -
sister tenyra -
sister's daughter tekojara tejomemyna
sister's daughter's daughter tejowajyna temiariroa
sister's daughter's son tejowa'yna temiariroa
sister's husband tairo'yra -
sister's son tekojara tejomemyna
sister's son's wife - -memytaty'a
older brother teke'yra -kywyra
older brother's daughter tejowajyna -
older brother's son tejowa'yna -
older sister - tykyra
older sister's daughter tekojara tejomemyna
older sister's son tekojara tejomemyna
younger brother tywyra -kywyra
younger brother's daughter tejowajyna -
younger brother's son tejowa'yna -
younger sister - -pyky'yra
younger sister's daughter tekojara tejomemyna
younger sister's son tekojara tejomemyna