Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother - -kíwi
brother's daughter -áði -
brother's son -áʔi -
child's child -omäríro -omäríro
daughter -áði -mémi
daughter's husband -peo -peo
father -u -u
father's brother -túti -túti
father's brother's daughter -éiɲi -íke
father's brother's son -iké-ʔi -kíwi
father's brother's older daughter -éiɲi -íke
father's brother's older son -iké-ʔi -kíwi
father's brother's younger daughter -éiɲi -íke
father's brother's younger son -iké-ʔi -kíwi
father's father -ä́mäi -ä́mäi
father's mother -ári -ári
father's sister -átse -átse
father's sister's son -íʔi -
father's sisters's older son -íʔi -
father's sisters's younger son -íʔi -
father's older brother -túti -túti
father's older brother's daughter -éiɲi -íke
father's older brother's son -iké-ʔi -kíwi
father's older sister -átse -átse
father's older sister's son -íʔi -
father's younger brother -túti -túti
father's younger brother's daughter -éiɲi -íke
father's younger brother's son -iké-ʔi -kíwi
father's younger sister -átse -átse
father's younger sister's son -íʔi -
husband - -me
husband's brother - -uwáða
husband's father - -ati
husband's mother - -ótso
husband's sister - -uwáða
mother -hi -hi
mother's brother -túti -túti
mother's brother's son -iké-ʔi -
mother's brother's older son -iké-ʔi -
mother's brother's younger son -iké-ʔi -
mother's father -ä́mäi -ä́mäi
mother's mother -ári -ári
mother's sister -hí-ʔi -hí-ʔi
mother's sister's daughter -éiɲi -íke
mother's sister's son -íʔi -kíwi
mother's sisters's older daughter -éiɲi -íke
mother's sisters's older son -íʔi -kíwi
mother's sisters's younger daughter -éiɲi -íke
mother's sisters's younger son -íʔi -kíwi
mother's older brother -túti -túti
mother's older brother's son -iké-ʔi -
mother's older sister -hí-ʔi -hí-ʔi
mother's older sister's daughter -éiɲi -íke
mother's older sister's son -íʔi -kíwi
mother's younger brother -túti -túti
mother's younger brother's son -iké-ʔi -
mother's younger sister -hí-ʔi -hí-ʔi
mother's younger sister's daughter -éiɲi -íke
mother's younger sister's son -íʔi -kíwi
son -áʔi -mémi
son's wife -aʔi-r-emiréko -memi-r-emi-réko
wife -emi-réko -
wife's brother -uwáða -
wife's father -ati -
wife's mother -ótso -
wife's sister -uwáða -
sister -éɨɲi -
older brother -iké-ʔi -
older brother's daughter -áði -
older brother's son -áʔi -
older sister - -íke
younger brother - -kíwi
younger brother's daughter -áði -
younger brother's son -áʔi -
younger sister - -pikíʔi