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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter win-noʼ-ga win-noʼ-ga
daughter's daughter tooshʼ-pä-hä tooshʼ-pä-hä
daughter's husband we-tuhʼ-da we-tuhʼ-da
daughter's son tooshʼ-pä-hä tooshʼ-pä-hä
father wä-we-tä, tä-deʼ-ha wä-we-tä, tä-deʼ-ha
father's brother's older daughter ton-gaʼ-hä thon-daʼ-hä
father's brother's older son ton-noʼ-hä ton-noʼ-hä
father's brother's younger daughter we-haʼ we-haʼ
father's brother's younger son kä-gaʼ kä-gaʼ
father's father ta-gaʼ-hä ta-gaʼ-hä
father's mother gä-häʼ gä-häʼ
father's sisters's older daughter tä-zhäʼ-hä win-noʼ-ga
father's sisters's older son we-toashʼ-kä nis-seʼ-hä
father's sisters's younger daughter tä-zhäʼ-hä win-noʼ-ga
father's sisters's younger son we-toashʼ-kä nis-seʼ-hä
father's older brother tä-deʼ-hä tä-deʼ-hä
father's older sister te-naʼ-hä te-naʼ-hä
father's younger brother tä-deʼ-hä tä-deʼ-hä
father's younger sister te-naʼ-hä te-naʼ-hä
husband - we-ä-ge-nunʼ-ge
husband's father - ta-gäʼ-hä
husband's mother - gäʼ-hä
mother näʼ-hä näʼ-hä
mother's brother's older daughter näʼ-hä näʼ-hä
mother's brother's older son na-geʼ-hä na-geʼ-hä
mother's brother's younger daughter näʼ-hä näʼ-hä
mother's brother's younger son na-geʼ-hä na-geʼ-hä
mother's father ta-gaʼ-hä ta-gaʼ-hä
mother's mother gä-häʼ gä-häʼ
mother's sisters's older daughter ton-gaʼ-hä zhon-daʼ-hä
mother's sisters's older son zhin-daʼ-hä ton-noʼ-hä
mother's sisters's younger daughter we-haʼ we-haʼ
mother's sisters's younger son kä-gaʼ kä-gaʼ
mother's older brother na-geʼ-hä na-geʼ-hä
mother's older sister näʼ-hä näʼ-hä
mother's younger brother na-geʼ-hä na-geʼ-hä
mother's younger sister näʼ-hä näʼ-hä
son nis-seʼ-hä nis-seʼ-hä
son's daughter tooshʼ-pä-hä tooshʼ-pä-hä
son's son tooshʼ-pä-hä tooshʼ-pä-hä
son's wife ta-neʼ-hä ta-neʼ-hä
wife we-gäʼ-ke-nä -
wife's father ta-gäʼ-hä -
wife's mother gä-häʼ -
older brother zhin-däʼ-hä ton-noʼ-hä
older brother's daughter win-noʼ-ga win-noʼ-ga
older brother's son nis-seʼ-hä we-toashʼ-kä
older sister ton-gaʼ-hä zhon-daʼ-hä
older sister's daughter tä-zhäʼ-hä win-noʼ-ga
older sister's son we-toashʼ-kä nis-seʼ-hä
younger brother kä-gaʼ kä-gaʼ
younger brother's daughter win-noʼ-ga win-noʼ-ga
younger brother's son nis-seʼ-hä we-toashʼ-kä
younger sister wee-haʼ we-haʼ
younger sister's daughter tä-zhäʼ-hä win-noʼ-ga
younger sister's son we-toashʼ-kä nis-seʼ-hä