Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother -pe-wãi -pe-wãi
brother's daughter -pe-do-wãi -pe-do-wãi
brother's son -pe-wo-wãi -pe-wo-wãi
child -tɨi -tɨi
daughter -dou -dou
daughter's daughter -hə̃i-wãi-da -hə̃i-wãi-da
daughter's husband -dou'u -dou'u
daughter's son -hə̃i-wãi -hə̃i-wãi
father -i -i
father's brother -i-bəi -i-bəi
father's father -dom -dom
father's mother -an -an
father's sister -iha -iha
father's older brother -i-bəi -i-bəi
father's older sister -iha -iha
father's younger brother -i-bəi -i-bəi
father's younger sister -iha -iha
husband -bon -bon
husband's father -u'ɨi -u'ɨi
husband's mother -ditan -ditan
mother -in -in
mother's brother -wota -wota
mother's father -dom -dom
mother's mother -an -an
mother's sister -inha -inha
mother's older brother -wota -wota
mother's older sister -inha -inha
mother's younger brother -wota -wota
mother's younger sister -inha -inha
son -wa -wa
son's daughter -hə̃i-wãi-da -hə̃i-wãi-da
son's son -hə̃i-wãi -hə̃i-wãi
son's wife -wa'u -wa'u
wife -u -u
wife's father -u'ɨi -u'ɨi
wife's mother -ditan -ditan
sister -hã-wãi -hã-wãi
sister's daughter -pe-do-wãi -pe-do-wãi
sister's son -pe-wo-wãi -pe-wo-wãi
older brother -pe-wãi -pe-wãi
older brother's daughter -pe-do-wãi -pe-do-wãi
older brother's son -pe-wo-wãi -pe-wo-wãi
older sister -hã-wãi -hã-wãi
older sister's daughter -pe-do-wãi -pe-do-wãi
older sister's son -pe-wo-wãi -pe-wo-wãi
younger brother -pe-wãi i-tɨt -pe-wãi i-tɨt
younger brother's daughter -pe-do-wãi -pe-do-wãi
younger brother's son -pe-wo-wãi -pe-wo-wãi
younger sister -hã-wãi i-tɨt -hã-wãi i-tɨt
younger sister's daughter -pe-do-wãi -pe-do-wãi
younger sister's son -pe-wo-wãi -pe-wo-wãi