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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter anak anak
daughter's daughter čô čô
daughter's husband mtâo mtâo
daughter's son čô čô
father ama ama
father's brother's older daughter amai amai
father's brother's older son ayǒng ayǒng
father's father aê aê
father's mother aduôn, yǎ aduôn, yǎ
father's sisters's older son ayǒng ayǒng
father's older brother aprǒng êkei aprǒng êkei
father's younger brother mneh mneh
husband - ung
husband's father - kmha
husband's mother - kmha
mother amǐ amǐ
mother's brother's older son knai knai
mother's brother's younger son knai knai
mother's father aê aê
mother's mother aduôn, yǎ aduôn, yǎ
mother's sisters's older daughter amai, adei amai
mother's sisters's older son ayǒng, adei ayǒng
mother's sisters's younger daughter adei adei
mother's sisters's younger son adei adei
mother's older brother awa êkei awa êkei
mother's older sister aprǒng mniê, aprǒng aprǒng mniê, aprǒng
mother's younger brother amiêt êkei amiêt êkei
mother's younger sister neh, aneh neh, aneh
son anak anak
son's daughter čô čô
son's son čô čô
son's wife mtâo mniê, mtâo mtâo mniê, mtâo
wife mo̽ -
wife's father kmha -
wife's mother kmha -
sister's husband iê êkei, iê iê êkei, iê
older brother ayǒng, ayǒng adei adǎm adei, ayǒng
older brother's daughter anak anak
older brother's son anak anak
older sister ayǒng adei adǎm adei
older sister's daughter amuôn amuôn
older sister's son amuôn amuôn
younger brother adei, ayǒng adei adei, dǎm die
younger brother's daughter anak anak
younger brother's son anak anak
younger sister adei, ayǒng adei adei, dǎm die
younger sister's daughter amuôn amuôn
younger sister's son amuôn amuôn