Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother - tunga'ane
brother's daughter tama'ahine tama'ahine
brother's son hosa tama
brother's wife - ma'aa
child hanau hanau
child's child makupuna makupuna
daughter's daughter makupuna makupuna
daughter's husband hunga hunga
daughter's son makupuna makupuna
father tamana tamana
father's brother tamana tamana
father's brother's daughter tuhahine -
father's brother's son tu'aatina tu'aatina, tunga'ane
father's brother's wife tinana tinana
father's brother's older daughter tuhahine -
father's brother's older son tu'aatina tunga'ane
father's brother's younger daughter tuhahine -
father's brother's younger son tu'aatina tunga'ane
father's father tupuna tupuna
father's mother tupuna tupuna
father's wife (not mother) tinana tinana
father's sister tinana tinana
father's sister's daughter ha'anga ha'anga
father's sister's husband tamana tamana
father's sister's son ha'anga ha'anga
father's sisters's older daughter tuhahine ha'anga
father's sisters's older son ha'anga tunga'ane
father's sisters's younger daughter tuhahine ha'anga
father's sisters's younger son ha'anga tunga'ane
father's older brother tamana tamana
father's older brother's daughter tuhahine -
father's older brother's son tu'aatina tunga'ane
father's older sister tinana tinana
father's older sister's daughter ha'anga ha'anga
father's older sister's son ha'anga tunga'ane
father's younger brother tamana tamana
father's younger brother's daughter tuhahine -
father's younger brother's son tu'aatina tunga'ane
father's younger sister tinana tinana
father's younger sister's daughter ha'anga ha'anga
father's younger sister's son ha'anga tunga'ane
husband - matu'a
husband's father tamana tamana
husband's mother tinana tinana
husband's sister - ma'aa
mother tinana tinana
mother's brother tu'aatina tu'aatina
mother's brother's daughter ha'anga ha'anga
mother's brother's son ha'anga ha'anga
mother's brother's wife tinana tinana
mother's brother's older daughter ha'anga ta'okete
mother's brother's older son ta'okete tunga'ane
mother's brother's younger daughter ha'anga taina
mother's brother's younger son taina tunga'ane
mother's father tupuna tupuna
mother's husband (not father) tamana tamana
mother's mother tupuna tupuna
mother's sister tinana -
mother's sister's son tu'aatina tu'aatina, tunga'ane
mother's sisters's older daughter tuhahine -
mother's sisters's older son tu'aatina tunga'ane
mother's sisters's younger daughter tuhahine -
mother's sisters's younger son tu'aatina tunga'ane
mother's older brother tu'aatina tu'aatina
mother's older brother's daughter tuhahine ha'anga
mother's older brother's son ha'anga tunga'ane
mother's older sister tinana -
mother's older sister's daughter tuhahine -
mother's older sister's son tu'aatina tunga'ane
mother's younger brother tu'aatina tu'aatina
mother's younger brother's daughter tuhahine ha'anga
mother's younger brother's son ha'anga tunga'ane
mother's younger sister tinana -
mother's younger sister's daughter tuhahine -
mother's younger sister's son tu'aatina tunga'ane
parent maatu'a maatu'a
son hosa tama
son's daughter makupuna makupuna
son's son makupuna makupuna
son's wife hunga hunga
wife uguugu -
wife's brother ma'aa -
wife's father tamana tamana
wife's mother tinana tinana
sister tuhahine -
sister's daughter 'ingaamutu 'ingaamutu
sister's husband ma'aa -
sister's son 'ingaamutu, hosa 'ingaamutu, tama
older brother ta'okete -
older brother's daughter tama'ahine tama'ahine
older brother's son hosa tama
older sister - ta'okete
older sister's daughter 'ingaamutu 'ingaamutu
older sister's son hosa tama
younger brother taina -
younger brother's daughter tama'ahine tama'ahine
younger brother's son hosa tama
younger sister - taina
younger sister's daughter 'ingaamutu 'ingaamutu
younger sister's son hosa tama