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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter nǐ-tä-na-thäʼ nǐ-tä-na-thäʼ
daughter's daughter no-stha-thäʼ no-stha-thäʼ
daughter's husband nin-hä-kä-na-mäʼ nin-hä-kä-na-mäʼ
daughter's son no-stha-thäʼ no-stha-thäʼ
father no-thäʼ no-thäʼ
father's brother's older daughter net-kwaʼ-mä n'-cha-ne-uäʼ
father's brother's older son nos-keʼ-mä nos-keʼ-mä
father's brother's younger daughter net-kwaʼ-mä n'-cha-ne-näʼ
father's brother's younger son n'-cha-ne-näʼ nǒs-ke-mäʼ
father's father na-ma-some-thä na-ma-some-thä
father's mother no-kome-thäʼ no-kome-thäʼ
father's sisters's older daughter ne-sa-me-thäʼ nǐ-tä-na-thäʼ
father's sisters's older son na-la-gwal-thäʼ ne-kwe-thǎʼ
father's sisters's younger daughter ne-sa-me-thäʼ nǐ-tä-na-thäʼ
father's sisters's younger son na-la-gwal-thäʼ ne-kwe-thäʼ
father's older brother no-thäʼ no-thäʼ
father's older sister na-tha-gwe-thäʼ na-tha-gwe-thäʼ
father's younger brother no-thäʼ no-thäʼ
father's younger sister na-tha-gwe-thäʼ na-tha-gwe-thäʼ
husband - wa-se-ahʼ
husband's father - wa-se-ahʼ-o-thä-leʼ
husband's mother - wa-se-ahʼ-o-thä-leʼ
mother no-thäʼ no-thäʼ
mother's brother's older daughter na-ke-͡ahʼ na-ke-͡ahʼ
mother's brother's older son nǐ-sǐ-thäʼ nǐ-sǐ-thäʼ
mother's brother's younger daughter na-ke-͡ahʼ na-ke-͡ahʼ
mother's brother's younger son nǐ-sǐ-thäʼ nǐ-sǐ-thäʼ
mother's father na-ma-some-thä na-ma-some-thä
mother's mother no-kome-thäʼ no-kome-thäʼ
mother's sisters's older daughter nǐ-mǐ-thǎʼ nǐ-mǐ-thäʼ
mother's sisters's older son n'-tha-thäʼ n'-tha-thäʼ
mother's sisters's younger daughter n'-the-ma-thäʼ n'-the-ma-thäʼ
mother's sisters's younger son n'-the-ma-thäʼ n'-the-ma-thäʼ
mother's older brother ni-sǐ-thǎʼ ni-sǐ-thǎʼ
mother's older sister na-ke-͡ahʼ na-ke-͡ahʼ
mother's younger brother ni-sǐ-thǎʼ ni-sǐ-thǎʼ
mother's younger sister na-ke-͡ahʼ na-ke-͡ahʼ
son ne-kwo-thäʼ ne-kwo-thäʼ
son's daughter no-stha-thäʼ no-stha-thäʼ
son's son no-stha-thäʼ no-stha-thäʼ
son's wife na-them-mi-lǎ nǐ-tha-mǐ-ahʼ
wife ne-wäʼ -
wife's father wa-se-ahʼ-o-thä-leʼ -
wife's mother wä-se-ahʼ-o-ka-leʼ -
older brother n'-tha-thäʼ n'-tha-thäʼ
older brother's daughter nǐ-tä-na-thäʼ nǐ-tä-na-thäʼ
older brother's son ne-kwe-thäʼ na-la-gwal-thǎ
older sister nǐ-mǐ-thäʼ nǐ-mǐ-thäʼ
older sister's daughter ne-sa-me-thä nǐ-tä-na-thäʼ
older sister's son na-la-gwal-thä ne-kwe-thäʼ
younger brother n'-the-ma-thäʼ n'-the-ma-thäʼ
younger brother's daughter nǐ-tä-na-thäʼ nǐ-tä-na-thäʼ
younger brother's son ne-kwe-thäʼ na-la-gwal-thǎ
younger sister n'-the-ma-thäʼ n'-the-ma-thäʼ
younger sister's daughter ne-sa-me-thä nǐ-tä-na-thäʼ
younger sister's son na-la-gwal-thä ne-kwe-thäʼ