Parents' and Parents' Siblings
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter phúmu phúmu
father pàla, popa pàla, popa
father's father gáwa, pàlagaga gáwa, pàlagaga
father's mother gàma, hàmagaga gàma, hàmagaga
father's older brother pàpche pàpche
father's younger brother àu àu
husband - khyówa
husband's mother - íbi
mother's father gáwa, pàlagaga gáwa, pàlagaga
mother's mother gàma, hàmagaga gàma, hàmagaga
mother's older brother àjaŋ àjaŋ
mother's older sister hà̤mce hà̤mce
mother's younger brother àjaŋ àjaŋ
son phújuŋ phújuŋ
wife's mother íbi -
older brother àcu àcu
older brother's daughter phúmu phúmu
older brother's son phújuŋ phújuŋ
older sister ái ái
older sister's daughter phúmu phúmu
older sister's son phújuŋ phújuŋ
younger brother nuk, àŋa nuk, àŋa
younger brother's daughter phúmu phúmu
younger brother's son phújuŋ phújuŋ
younger sister numu, àŋa numu, àŋa
younger sister's daughter phúmu phúmu
younger sister's son phújuŋ phújuŋ