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All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife - po-omah
daughter nuro nuro
daughter's daughter nupi nupi
daughter's husband nura i-miho
daughter's son nupi nupi
father umoka umoka
father's father taataa taataa
father's mother maamaa maamaa
father's older brother umoka umoka
father's older sister aapuu aapuu
father's younger brother umoka umoka
father's younger sister aapuu aapuu
husband - i-ng
husband's brother - naramo-ng, taataa
husband's father - paapaa
husband's mother - aapuu
husband's sister - po-omah
mother nuka nuka
mother's father aajaa aajaa
mother's mother tiiti, teeti tiiti, teeti
mother's older brother paapaa paapaa
mother's older sister nuka nuka
mother's younger brother paapaa paapaa
mother's younger sister nuka nuka
son nuri nuri
son's daughter narama-na narama-na
son's son naramo-ng naramo-ng
son's wife non-na non-na
wife i-na -
wife's brother po-owoi -
wife's father paapaa, nura -
wife's mother aapuu -
wife's sister maamaa, narama-na -
sister's husband po-oowoi -
older brother taataa eejee
older brother's daughter nuro non-na
older brother's son nuri nopu-ng, i-miho
older sister eejee maamaa
older sister's daughter non-na nuro
older sister's son nura, nopu-ng nuri
younger brother naramo-ng eejee
younger brother's daughter nuro non-na
younger brother's son nuri nopu-ng, i-miho
younger sister eejee narama-na
younger sister's daughter non-na nuro
younger sister's son nura, nopu-ng nuri