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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife amu amu
daughter ˈzwɑɡi ˈzwɑɡi
daughter's daughter ˈnimɛ ˈnimɛ
daughter's husband rabmi rabmi
daughter's son ˈnimɛ ˈnimɛ
father ˈabi ˈabi
father's brother's older daughter gai gai
father's brother's older son ewegani ewegani
father's brother's younger daughter yũtu yũtu
father's brother's younger son ĩepi ĩepi
father's father ˈɛwɛ ˈɛwɛ
father's mother ˈɛwɛ ˈɛwɛ
father's sisters's older daughter naziba -
father's sisters's older son naziba irka
father's sisters's younger daughter naziba -
father's sisters's younger son naziba irka
father's older brother zwani zwani
father's older sister gai gai
father's younger brother zwani zwani
father's younger sister yũtu, gai yũtu, gai
husband - daru
husband's brother - irka, ewe
husband's father - ewe
husband's mother - ewe
husband's sister - eirieni
mother ˈamu ˈamu
mother's brother's older daughter amu amu
mother's brother's older son zwani zwani
mother's brother's younger daughter amu amu
mother's brother's younger son zwani zwani
mother's father ˈɛwɛ ˈɛwɛ
mother's mother ˈɛwɛ ˈɛwɛ
mother's sisters's older daughter gai gai
mother's sisters's older son ewegani ewegani
mother's sisters's younger daughter yũtu yũtu
mother's sisters's younger son ĩepi ĩepi
mother's older brother zwani zwani
mother's older sister ewe ewe
mother's younger brother zwani zwani
mother's younger sister amu amu
son ˈɛni ˈɛni
son's daughter ˈnimɛ ˈnimɛ
son's son ˈnimɛ ˈnimɛ
wife atu -
wife's brother rabmi -
wife's father rabmi -
wife's mother rabmi -
wife's sister rabmi, naku -
sister's husband rabmi rabmi, naku
older brother ˈɛwɛɡɑni ˈɛwɛɡɑni
older brother's daughter ˈzwɑɡi yũtu, gai
older brother's son ˈĩʲɛpi, ˈɛwɛɡɑni ˈĩʲɛpi, ˈɛwɛɡɑni
older sister ˈɡai ˈɡai
older sister's daughter ˈnaziba eirieni
older sister's son ˈnaziba irka
younger brother ˈĩʲɛpi ˈĩʲɛpi
younger brother's daughter ˈnimɛ yũtu
younger brother's son ˈnimɛ ˈĩʲɛpi
younger sister ˈjũtu ˈjũtu
younger sister's daughter ˈnaziba nime
younger sister's son ˈnaziba nime