Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother ndugu ndugu
brother's wife ikwela' ikwela'
child ana ana
daughter mwana musheki mwana musheki
daughter's husband gigijye gigijye
daughter's son zukulu zukulu
father þaaþå þaaþå
father's brother baba baba
father's father guukub guukub
father's mother maama maama
father's sister sèèngi sèèngi
father's older brother baba baba
father's older sister sèèngi sèèngi
father's younger brother baba baba
father's younger sister sèèngi sèèngi
husband goo's goo's
husband's brother ikwela' ikwela'
husband's father iaapa-puko iaapa-puko
husband's mother ilmaayo-puko ilmaayo-puko
husband's sister ikwela' ikwela'
mother maayu maayu
mother's brother maarrub maarrub
mother's father guukub guukub
mother's mother maama maama
mother's sister mayu mayu
mother's older brother maarrub maarrub
mother's older sister mayu mayu
mother's younger brother maarrub maarrub
mother's younger sister mayu mayu
parent þiaji þiaji
son mwana kagosîa mwana kagosîa
son's son zukulu zukulu
son's wife gigijye gigijye
wife muke, nkiima muke, nkiima
wife's brother ikwela' ikwela'
wife's father iaapa-puko iaapa-puko
wife's mother ilmaayo-puko ilmaayo-puko
wife's sister ikwela' ikwela'
sister iluumbu iluumbu
sister's husband ikwela' ikwela'
sister's son ipfa ipfa
older brother kulu kulu
older sister nkulu nkulu
older sister's son ipfa ipfa
younger brother zpua zpua
younger sister nzana nzana
younger sister's son ipfa ipfa