Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter ka-ee-she-ok ka-ee-she-ok
daughter's daughter ka-eesh ka-eesh
daughter's husband ku-nee-n ku-nee-n
daughter's son ka-eesh ka-eesh
father ku-pǎp ku-pǎp
father's mother ku-nǎ-schu-peen ku-nǎ-schu-peen
husband - kee-tock
husband's father - oo-pǎp-kee-tock
husband's mother - oo-nǎ-kee-tock
mother ku-nǎ ku-nǎ
mother's mother ku-nǎ-schu-peen ku-nǎ-schu-peen
mother's older brother oo-sheet-than oo-sheet-than
mother's younger brother oo-sheet-than oo-sheet-than
son ka-ash-lo ka-ash-lo
son's daughter ka-eesh ka-eesh
son's son ka-eesh ka-eesh
son's wife ku-reep ku-reep
wife kee-tock -
older brother ku-su-cum ku-su-cum
older brother's son ee-chäck -
older sister ku-cheech ku-cheech
younger brother keet-than-äsh-lo keet-than-äsh-lo
younger brother's son ee-chäck -
younger sister keet-than-ee-she-ok keet-than-ee-she-ok