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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife metona, yarisé démso
daughter yéi yéi
daughter's daughter doti doti
daughter's husband desang desang
daughter's son doti doti
father memai memai
father's father sese sese
father's mother keméng keméng
father's older brother memai memai
father's older brother's daughter yarisé yarisé
father's older brother's son yarisé yarisé
father's older sister éneng éneng
father's older sister's daughter méngke méngke
father's older sister's son doto doto
father's younger brother memai memai
father's younger brother's daughter metona metona
father's younger brother's son metona metona
father's younger sister éneng éneng
father's younger sister's daughter méngke méngke
father's younger sister's son doto doto
husband - do
husband's brother - démso, do
husband's father - memai
husband's mother - naméng
husband's sister - démso
mother naméng naméng
mother's father sese sese
mother's mother keméng keméng
mother's older brother uai uai
mother's older brother's daughter méngke méngke
mother's older brother's son doto doto
mother's older sister naméng naméng
mother's older sister's daughter yarisé yarisé
mother's older sister's son yarisé yarisé
mother's younger brother uai uai
mother's younger brother's daughter méngke méngke
mother's younger brother's son doto doto
mother's younger sister naméng naméng
mother's younger sister's daughter metona metona
mother's younger sister's son metona metona
son yéi yéi
son's daughter doti doti
son's son doti doti
wife miré -
wife's brother démso -
wife's father desang -
wife's mother desang -
wife's sister miré -
sister's husband démso metona, yarisé
older brother yarisé yarisé
older brother's daughter yéi yéi
older brother's son yéi yéi
older sister yarisé yarisé
older sister's daughter syo yéi
older sister's son syo yéi
younger brother metona metona
younger brother's daughter yéi yéi
younger brother's son yéi yéi
younger sister metona metona
younger sister's daughter syo yéi
younger sister's son syo yéi