Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife oyeŋg oyeŋg
daughter's daughter otan otan
daughter's husband opam opam
daughter's son otan otan
father omo omo
father's father neni neni
father's mother keke keke
husband - omin
husband's brother - oyeŋg
husband's sister - oŋgwan
mother maya maya
mother's father neni neni
mother's mother keke keke
mother's older brother awoi awoi
mother's older sister ama kowot ama kowot
mother's younger brother awoi awoi
mother's younger sister ama mosop ama mosop
son's daughter otan otan
son's son otan otan
son's wife - oiŋga
wife omin -
wife's brother oyeŋg -
wife's father ombre -
wife's mother otre -
wife's sister oyeŋg -
sister's husband oyeŋg oyeŋg
older brother atawo, tata wand
older sister wand atawo, tata
older sister's daughter romgar romgar
older sister's son romgar romgar
younger brother orma wand
younger sister wand orma
younger sister's daughter romgar romgar
younger sister's son romgar romgar