Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter -opai -opai
daughter's daughter -rat qai -rat qai
daughter's husband rat masar, -rat rat masar, -rat
daughter's son -rat qai -rat qai
father -oma' -oma'
father's father -rata' -rata'
father's mother -rata' -rata'
father's older brother -oma' -oma'
father's older brother's daughter -ka'au, -gasqai -ka'au, -gasqai
father's older brother's son -ka'au, -ianqai -ka'au, -ianqai
father's older sister -xaler -xaler
father's older sister's daughter -bruman yis, -dias, -ian -ian
father's older sister's son -ian -bruman yis, -dias, -ian
father's younger brother -oma' -oma'
father's younger brother's daughter -bif, -gasqai -bif, -gasqai
father's younger brother's son -ianqai -ianqai, -bif
father's younger sister -xaler -xaler
father's younger sister's daughter -bruman yis, -dias, -ian -ian
father's younger sister's son -ian -bruman yis, -dias, -ian
husband - -misi
husband's father - -umeer
husband's mother - -xaler
mother -xala' -xala'
mother's father -rata' -rata'
mother's mother -rata' -rata'
mother's older brother -umeer -umeer
mother's older brother's daughter -bruman yis, -dias, -ian -ian
mother's older brother's son -ian -bruman yis, -dias, -ian
mother's older sister -xala' -xala'
mother's older sister's daughter -ka'au, -gasqai -ka'au, -gasqai
mother's older sister's son -ka'au, -ianqai -ka'au, -ianqai
mother's younger brother -umeer -umeer
mother's younger brother's daughter -bruman yis, -dias, -ian -ian
mother's younger brother's son -ian -bruman yis, -dias, -ian
mother's younger sister -xala' -xala'
mother's younger sister's daughter -bif, -gasqai -bif, -gasqai
mother's younger sister's son -ianqai, -bif -ianqai, -bif
son -opai -opai
son's daughter -rat qai -rat qai
son's son -rat qai -rat qai
son's wife rat eqar, -rat emaq, -rat rat eqar, -rat emaq, -rat
wife -emaq -
wife's father -umeer -
wife's mother -xaler -
older brother -ka'au, -ianqai -ka'au, -ianqai
older brother's daughter - -rat emaq, -rat
older brother's son - -rat
older sister -ka'au, -ianqai -ka'au, -ianqai
older sister's daughter -rat emaq, -rat -
older sister's son -rat -
younger brother -ianqai, -bif -ianqai, -bif
younger brother's daughter - -rat emaq, -rat
younger brother's son - -rat
younger sister -ianqai, -bif -ianqai, -bif
younger sister's daughter -rat emaq, -rat -
younger sister's son -rat -