Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter no-vi-a-au-u-kwa no-vi-a-au-u-kwa
daughter's daughter nau-wi-ta-ti-e nau-wi-ta-ti-e
daughter's husband so-eng-gi so-eng-gi
daughter's son nau-wi-ta-ti-e nau-wi-ta-ti-e
father no-vi-sen-do, ta-ra no-vi-sen-do, ta-ra
father's brother's older daughter no-vi-pa-re no-vi-pa-re
father's brother's older son no-vi-pa-ra no-vi-pa-ra
father's brother's younger daughter no-vi-pa-re no-vi-pa-re
father's brother's younger son no-vi-te-u no-vi-te-u
father's father ku-pǎp-no-sheeb ku-pǎp-no-sheeb
father's older brother na-vi-tu-no na-vi-tu-no
father's younger brother na-vi-tu-no na-vi-tu-no
husband - no-vis-o, no-vi-to-wa
husband's father - no-vis-ei-sen-do
husband's mother - e-a-kwi-a
mother no-vi-ca no-vi-ca
mother's father ku-pǎp-no-sheeb ku-pǎp-no-sheeb
mother's older brother me-me me-me
mother's younger brother me-me me-me
son no-vi-a no-vi-a
son's daughter nau-wi-ta-ti-e nau-wi-ta-ti-e
son's son nau-wi-ta-ti-e nau-wi-ta-ti-e
son's wife sa-ye sa-ye
wife no-vis-o -
wife's father no-viw-a-sen-do -
wife's mother e-a-kwi-a -
older brother no-vi-pa-ra no-vi-pa-ra
older brother's son na-vi-tu-e -
older sister no-vi-pa-re no-vi-pa-re
younger brother no-vi-te-u no-vi-te-u
younger brother's son na-vi-tu-e -
younger sister no-vi-pa-re no-vi-pa-re