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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife kunyada kunyada
daughter oan rasik, oan oan rasik, oan
daughter's daughter bei-oan bei-oan
daughter's husband mane foun mane foun
daughter's son bei-oan bei-oan
father aman rasik, aman aman rasik, aman
father's brother's older daughter biin biin
father's brother's older son maun maun
father's brother's younger daughter alin alin
father's brother's younger son alin alin
father's father avoo avoo
father's mother avoo avoo
father's sisters's older daughter prima prima
father's sisters's older son primu primu
father's sisters's younger daughter prima prima
father's sisters's younger son primu primu
father's older brother aman boot aman boot
father's older sister tia tia
father's younger brother aman kiik aman kiik
father's younger sister tia tia
husband - kaben mane
husband's brother - rian, kunyadu
husband's father - banin mane
husband's mother - banin feto
husband's sister - kunyada
mother inan, inan rasik inan, inan rasik
mother's brother's older daughter prima prima
mother's brother's older son primu primu
mother's brother's younger daughter prima prima
mother's brother's younger son primu primu
mother's father avoo avoo
mother's mother avoo avoo
mother's sisters's older daughter biin biin
mother's sisters's older son maun maun
mother's sisters's younger daughter alin alin
mother's sisters's younger son alin alin
mother's older brother tiu tiu
mother's older sister inan boot inan boot
mother's younger brother tiu tiu
mother's younger sister inan kiik inan kiik
son oan rasik, oan oan rasik, oan
son's daughter bei-oan bei-oan
son's son bei-oan bei-oan
son's wife feto foun feto foun
wife kaben feto -
wife's brother rian, kunyadu -
wife's father banin mane -
wife's mother banin feto -
wife's sister kunyada -
sister's husband rian, kunyadu rian, kunyadu
older brother maun maun, feton
older brother's daughter sobrinya sobrinya
older brother's son sobrinyu sobrinyu
older sister biin, naan biin
older sister's daughter sobrinya sobrinya
older sister's son sobrinyu sobrinyu
younger brother alin feton, alin
younger brother's daughter sobrinya sobrinya
younger brother's son sobrinyu sobrinyu
younger sister naan, alin alin
younger sister's daughter sobrinya sobrinya
younger sister's son sobrinyu sobrinyu