Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother waa -
father -nák -nák
father's brother kukma kukma
father's brother's son waa -
father's brother's older son waa -
father's brother's younger son waa -
father's sister ó'oš ó'oš
father's sister's son waa -
father's sisters's older son waa -
father's sisters's younger son waa -
father's older brother kukma kukma
father's older brother's son waa -
father's older sister ó'oš ó'oš
father's older sister's son waa -
father's younger brother más más
father's younger brother's son waa -
father's younger sister ó'oš ó'oš
father's younger sister's son waa -
husband's brother - kúsna'
mother -ók, ok -ók, ok
mother's brother kukma kukma
mother's brother's son waa -
mother's brother's older son waa -
mother's brother's younger son waa -
mother's mother ʂuk, súk ʂuk, súk
mother's sister ó'oš ó'oš
mother's sister's son waa -
mother's sisters's older son waa -
mother's sisters's younger son waa -
mother's older brother kukma kukma
mother's older brother's son waa -
mother's older sister ó'oš ó'oš
mother's older sister's son waa -
mother's younger brother kukma kukma
mother's younger brother's son waa -
mother's younger sister ó'oš ó'oš
mother's younger sister's son waa -
parent's parent káka' káka'
wife ásoŋ -
wife's brother kúsna' -
older brother waa -
older sister óxo' óxo'
younger brother pé'ec pé'ec
younger sister pí'ic pí'ic