Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother -ati -ati
brother's daughter -čehi -čehi
brother's son -čera -čera
daughter -čiča -čiča
daughter's daughter -amri -amri
daughter's husband čnare, -čina čnare, -čina
daughter's son -amri -amri
father tata tata
father's father -očko -očko
father's mother -oc̷e -oc̷e
husband -ima -ima
mother meme, -eno meme, -eno
mother's father -očko -očko
mother's mother -oc̷e -oc̷e
son -čiča -čiča
son's daughter -amri -amri
son's son -amri -amri
son's wife -'čineno -'čineno
wife -yeno -yeno
wife's father imčuko imčuko
wife's mother imse imse
sister -ati -ati
sister's daughter -čehi -čehi
sister's son -čera -čera
older brother -ati -ati
older brother's daughter -čehi -čehi
older brother's son -čera -čera
older sister -ati -ati
older sister's daughter -čehi -čehi
older sister's son -čera -čera
younger brother ati ati
younger brother's daughter -čehi -čehi
younger brother's son -čera -čera
younger sister ati ati
younger sister's daughter -čehi -čehi
younger sister's son -čera -čera