Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter numsa maang numsa maang
daughter's daughter ksu ksu
daughter's son ksu ksu
father awa awa
father's brother's older daughter api api
father's brother's older son aphu aphu
father's brother's younger daughter api api
father's brother's younger son aphu aphu
father's father apu apu
father's mother aya aya
father's sisters's older daughter akhri aming
father's sisters's older son akhau arat
father's sisters's younger daughter akhri ana
father's sisters's younger son akhau arat
father's older brother awa di awa di
father's older sister apa apa
father's younger brother adai adai
father's younger sister amoi amoi
mother anu anu
mother's brother's older daughter arat aning
mother's brother's older son akhau caa
mother's brother's younger daughter arat ana
mother's brother's younger son akhau caa
mother's father apu nai apu nai
mother's mother anai anai
mother's sisters's older daughter api api
mother's sisters's older son aphu aphu
mother's sisters's younger daughter api api
mother's sisters's younger son aphu aphu
mother's older brother acha acha
mother's older sister atung atung
mother's younger brother acha acha
mother's younger sister achi achi
son lasa maang lasa maang
son's daughter ksu ksu
son's son ksu ksu
older brother aphu aphu
older brother's daughter ksa ksa
older brother's son ksa ksa
older sister api api
older sister's daughter kkhri kkhri
older sister's son kkhri kkhri
younger brother anau anau
younger brother's daughter ksa ksa
younger brother's son ksa ksa
younger sister anau jan anau jan
younger sister's daughter kkhri kkhri
younger sister's son kkhri kkhri