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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter kä-yäʼ-no-nä kä-yäʼ-no-nä
daughter's daughter kä-yäʼ-rä kä-yäʼ-rä
daughter's husband yäk-te-he-ahʼ-thä yak-te-he-ahʼ-thä
daughter's son kä-yäʼ-rä kä-yäʼ-rä
father ahk-reʼ-ah ahk-reʼ-ah
father's brother's older daughter ahkʼ-je ahkʼ-je
father's brother's older son ahk-räʼ-je ahk-räʼ-je
father's brother's younger daughter käʼ-gä käʼ-gä
father's brother's younger son käʼ-gä käʼ-gä
father's father ahk-räʼ-sote ahk-räʼ-sote
father's mother ahk-räʼ-sote ahk-räʼ-sote
father's sisters's older daughter ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar
father's sisters's older son ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar
father's sisters's younger daughter ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar
father's sisters's younger son ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar
father's older brother ahk-reʼ-ah ahk-reʼ-ah
father's older sister ahk-kawʼ-rack ahk-kawʼ-rack
father's younger brother ahk-reʼ-ah ahk-reʼ-ah
father's younger sister ahk-kawʼ-rack ahk-kawʼ-rack
husband - wak-dakʼ-gä
husband's father - yä-thafʼ
husband's mother - yä-thafʼ
mother ohʼ-nä ohʼ-nä
mother's brother's older daughter ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar
mother's brother's older son ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar
mother's brother's younger daughter ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar
mother's brother's younger son ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar ahk-gä-räʼ-sthar
mother's father ahk-räʼ-sote ahk-räʼ-sote
mother's mother ahk-räʼ-sote ahk-räʼ-sote
mother's sisters's older daughter ahkʼ-je ahkʼ-je
mother's sisters's older son ahk-räʼ-je ahk-räʼ-je
mother's sisters's younger daughter käʼ-gä käʼ-gä
mother's sisters's younger son käʼ-gä käʼ-gä
mother's older brother ahk-räʼ-do-noʼ-re-ah ahk-räʼ-do-noʼ-re-ah
mother's older sister oh-näʼ oh-näʼ
mother's younger brother ahk-räʼ-do-noʼ-re-ah ahk-räʼ-do-noʼ-re-ah
mother's younger sister oh-näʼ oh-näʼ
son kä-yäʼ-no-nä kä-yäʼ-no-nä
son's daughter kä-yäʼ-rä kä-yäʼ-rä
son's son kä-yäʼ-rä kä-yäʼ-rä
son's wife ahk-thafʼ ahk-thafʼ
wife wak-dakʼ-gä -
wife's father yak-teʼ-he-a-tho -
wife's mother yak-teʼ-he-a-tho -
older brother ahk-räʼ-je ahk-räʼ-je
older brother's daughter kä-yäʼ-no-nä kä-yäʼ-no-nä
older brother's son kä-yäʼ-no-nä kä-yäʼ-wä-nä
older sister ahkʼ-je ahkʼ-je
older sister's daughter kä-yäʼ-wä-nä kä-yäʼ-no-nä
older sister's son kä-yäʼ-wä-nä kä-yäʼ-no-nä
younger brother käʼ-gä käʼ-gä
younger brother's daughter kä-yäʼ-no-nä kä-yäʼ-no-nä
younger brother's son kä-yäʼ-no-nä kä-yäʼ-wä-nä
younger sister käʼ-gä käʼ-gä
younger sister's daughter kä-yäʼ-wä-nä kä-yäʼ-no-nä
younger sister's son kä-yäʼ-wä-nä kä-yäʼ-no-nä