Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter pä-chinʼ pä-chinʼ
daughter's daughter kin-ǔt-sin nhit-sit-sin
daughter's husband tä-täʼ-wä-bä to-ät-sin
daughter's son kǔnʼ-ǔt-sin nhit-sit-sin
father muʼ-än-e muʼ-än-e
father's father tog-go tog-go
father's mother kä-go kä-go
father's older brother sin-ätʼ-sin sin-ätʼ-sin
father's younger brother sin-ätʼ-sin sin-ätʼ-sin
husband - ton-un̤-än̤
husband's father - tä-täʼ-wähe-ät-sin
mother pe-ǎn-e, peʼ-ǎt-sin pe-ǎn-e, peʼ-ǎt-sin
mother's father tog-go tog-go
mother's mother kä-go kä-go
mother's older sister päʼ-tsin päʼ-tsin
mother's younger sister päʼ-tsin päʼ-tsin
son to-ätʼ-sin to-ätʼ-sin
son's daughter kin-ǔt-sin nhit-sit-sin
son's son kǔnʼ-ǔt-sin nhit-sit-sin
son's wife e-ät-sin e-ät-sin
wife mä-mä-sä-gwä -
older brother pä-vet-sin, pä-venʼ pä-venʼ
older brother's daughter kotʼ-sin kotʼ-sin
older brother's son kotʼ-sin no-pwuʼ-ät-sin
older sister pä-chenʼ päʼ-chenʼ
older sister's son - nu-pweʼ-ät-sin
younger brother säʼ-hätsʼ-en säʼ-häts-en
younger brother's daughter atʼ-sin atʼ-sin
younger brother's son atʼ-sin kä-gutʼ-sin
younger sister nä-michʼ-en nä-michʼ-en
younger sister's son - nu-pweʼ-ät-sin