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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter mahkó mahkó
daughter's daughter párameo párameo
daughter's husband - pámokkü
daughter's son párami párami
father kakü kakü
father's brother's son - báü
father's brother's older son - báü
father's brother's younger son - báü
father's father ñihkü̃ ñihkü̃
father's mother ñihkó ñihkó
father's older brother bügü bügü
father's older brother's daughter hõ hõ
father's older brother's son hwü̃ hwü̃
father's older sister mehkó mehkó
father's older sister's daughter mehkǘ-mahkó mehkǘ-mahkó
father's older sister's son mehkó-mahkǘ mehkó-mahkǘ
father's younger brother bügü bügü
father's younger brother's daughter bayó bayó
father's younger brother's son baü baü
father's younger sister mehkó mehkó
father's younger sister's daughter mehkǘ-mahkó mehkǘ-mahkó
father's younger sister's son mehkó-mahkǘ mehkó-mahkǘ
husband - manü
mother kako kako
mother's father ñihkü̃ ñihkü̃
mother's mother ñihkó ñihkó
mother's older brother mehkǘ mehkǘ
mother's older brother's daughter mehkǘ-mahkó mehkǘ-mahkó
mother's older brother's son mehkǘ-mahkǘ mehkǘ-mahkǘ
mother's older sister bügó bügó
mother's older sister's daughter hõ hõ
mother's older sister's son hwü̃ hwü̃
mother's younger brother mehkǘ mehkǘ
mother's younger brother's daughter mehkǘ-mahkó mehkǘ-mahkó
mother's younger brother's son mehkǘ-mahkǘ mehkǘ-mahkǘ
mother's younger sister bügó bügó
mother's younger sister's daughter bayó bayó
mother's younger sister's son baü baü
son mahkǘ mahkǘ
son's daughter párameo párameo
son's son párami párami
son's wife - pámoko
wife numó -
older brother hwü̃ hwü̃
older brother's daughter hwü-mahkó hwü-mahkó
older brother's son hwü-mahkü hwü-mahkü
older sister hõ hõ
older sister's daughter hõ-mahkó hõ-mahkó
older sister's son hõ-mahkü̃ hõ-mahkü̃
younger brother baü baü
younger brother's daughter baü-mahkó baü-mahkó
younger brother's son baü-mahkü baü-mahkü
younger sister bayó bayó
younger sister's daughter bayó-makhó bayó-makhó
younger sister's son bayó-makhü̃ bayó-makhü̃