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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother -aẓɨ, -inawɨẓa -aẓɨ, -inawɨẓa
brother's daughter -ˀdanikʰaʔaẓuu -ˀdanikʰaʔaẓuu
brother's son čʰaunai čʰaunai
child -ˀdani -ˀdani
daughter -ˀdani-ˀba -ˀdani-ˀba
daughter's daughter -tʰakʰan -tʰakʰan
daughter's husband -ˀdiniẓɨ -ˀdiniẓɨ
daughter's son -tʰakʰan -tʰakʰan
father -ˀdarɨ -ˀdarɨ
father's brother pʰaapʰai pʰaapʰai
father's brother's daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's brother's son -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's brother's older daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's brother's older son -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's brother's younger daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's brother's younger son -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's father ˀdukʰuẓɨɨ ˀdukʰuẓɨɨ
father's mother kʰuʔukʰuu kʰuʔukʰuu
father's sister waʔanɨɨ waʔanɨɨ
father's sister's daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's sister's son -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's sisters's older daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's sisters's older son -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's sisters's younger daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's sisters's younger son -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's older brother pʰaapʰai pʰaapʰai
father's older brother's daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's older brother's son -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's older sister waʔanɨɨ waʔanɨɨ
father's older sister's daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's older sister's son -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's younger brother pʰaapʰai pʰaapʰai
father's younger brother's daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's younger brother's son -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's younger sister waʔanɨɨ waʔanɨɨ
father's younger sister's daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
father's younger sister's son -iriˀban -iriˀban
husband -ˀdaiarɨ -ˀdaiarɨ
husband's father -imaˀdakʰuẓ -imaˀdakʰuẓ
husband's mother -imaɨẓu -imaɨẓu
mother -ˀdaru -ˀdaru
mother's brother tʰaatʰai tʰaatʰai
mother's brother's daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's brother's son -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's brother's older daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's brother's older son -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's brother's younger daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's brother's younger son -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's father ˀdukʰuẓɨɨ ˀdukʰuẓɨɨ
mother's mother kʰuʔukʰuu kʰuʔukʰuu
mother's sister maamai maamai
mother's sister's daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's sister's son -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's sisters's older daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's sisters's older son -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's sisters's younger daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's sisters's younger son -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's older brother tʰaatʰai tʰaatʰai
mother's older brother's daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's older brother's son -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's older sister maamai maamai
mother's older sister's daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's older sister's son -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's younger brother tʰaatʰai tʰaatʰai
mother's younger brother's daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's younger brother's son -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's younger sister maamai maamai
mother's younger sister's daughter -iriˀban -iriˀban
mother's younger sister's son -iriˀban -iriˀban
son -ˀdani -ˀdani
son's daughter -tʰakʰan -tʰakʰan
son's son -tʰakʰan -tʰakʰan
son's wife -ˀdiniẓu -ˀdiniẓu
wife -ˀdaiaru -ˀdaiaru
wife's father -imaˀdakʰuẓ -imaˀdakʰuẓ
wife's mother -imaɨẓu -imaɨẓu
sister -inauẓu, -ˀdaˀdakʰuu -inauẓu, -ˀdaˀdakʰuu
sister's daughter -ˀdanikʰaʔaẓuu -ˀdanikʰaʔaẓuu
sister's son čʰaunai čʰaunai
older brother -aẓɨ, -inawɨẓa -aẓɨ, -inawɨẓa
older brother's daughter -ˀdanikʰaʔaẓuu -ˀdanikʰaʔaẓuu
older brother's son čʰaunai čʰaunai
older sister -inauẓu, -ˀdaˀdakʰuu -inauẓu, -ˀdaˀdakʰuu
older sister's daughter -ˀdanikʰaʔaẓuu -ˀdanikʰaʔaẓuu
older sister's son čʰaunai čʰaunai
younger brother -ˀdawiʔičʰan -ˀdawiʔičʰan
younger brother's daughter -ˀdanikʰaʔaẓuu -ˀdanikʰaʔaẓuu
younger brother's son čʰaunai čʰaunai
younger sister -ˀdawiʔičʰan -ˀdawiʔičʰan
younger sister's daughter -ˀdanikʰaʔaẓuu -ˀdanikʰaʔaẓuu
younger sister's son čʰaunai čʰaunai