Parents' and Parents' Siblings
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Siblings and Cousins
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter pä-ne-gǎ pä-ne-gǎ
daughter's daughter e-noo-tǎ-kǎ e-noo-tǎ-kǎ
daughter's husband ning-ǎ-oo-wǎ ning-ǎ-oo-wǎ
daughter's son e-noo-tǎ-kǎ e-noo-tǎ-kǎ
father ahˑ-tä-tǎ-kǎ ahˑ-tä-tǎ-kǎ
father's father ah-tä-tǎ-tcha-wǎ ah-tä-tǎ-tcha-wǎ
father's mother a-nä-nǎ-tcha yǎ a-nä-nǎ-tcha yǎ
husband - oo-ě-gǎ
husband's father - noo-ly-ǎ-mǎ-ah-tä-tǎ
husband's mother - a-kee-gǎ
mother a-näʼ-nǎ-kwǎ a-näʼ-nǎ-kwǎ
mother's father ah-tä-tǎ-tcha-wǎ ah-tä-tǎ-tcha-wǎ
mother's mother a-nä-nǎ-tcha yǎ a-nä-nǎ-tcha yǎ
son e-ne-gǎ e-ne-gǎ
son's daughter e-noo-tǎ-kǎ e-noo-tǎ-kǎ
son's son e-noo-tǎ-kǎ e-noo-tǎ-kǎ
son's wife oo-kvä-wä oo-kvä-wä
wife oo-ly-aǔg-ǎ -
wife's father noo-ly-ǎ-mǎ-ah-tä-tǎ -
wife's mother noo-le-ä-mǎ-nä-nǎ -
older brother ay-ny-yu-gǎ -
older sister ny-yu-gǎ -
younger brother noo-kä-vǎ -
younger sister ny-ä-nä-na-gä -