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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter sǎ-mǎkʼ sǎ-mǎkʼ
daughter's daughter sǎ-pǎʼ-pǎ sǎ-pǎʼ-pǎ
daughter's husband sa-wäʼ-te -
daughter's son sǎ-nǎʼ-nǎ sǎ-nǎʼ-nǎ
father nishʼ-te-ǎ nishʼ-te-ǎ
father's brother's younger daughter sä-gweʼ-sä -
father's brother's younger son tǔm-mǔʼ -
father's father naʼ-nǎ-hash-te naʼ-nǎ-hash-te
father's mother päʼ-pä-kee-yonʼ päʼ-pä-kee-yonʼ
father's older brother nish-teʼ-ä nish-teʼ-ä
father's younger brother nish-teʼ-ä nish-teʼ-ä
husband - sǎʼ-trǔ
husband's father - shkoʼ-ǎ-te
husband's mother - shkoʼ-ǎ-te
mother niʼ-ya niʼ-ya
mother's father naʼ-nǎ-hash-te naʼ-nǎ-hash-te
mother's mother päʼ-pä-kee-yonʼ päʼ-pä-kee-yonʼ
mother's sisters's older son no-vi-pa-ra no-vi-pa-ra
mother's sisters's younger son no-vi-te-u -
mother's older brother sä-nonʼ-wä sä-nonʼ-wä
mother's younger brother sä-nonʼ-wä sä-nonʼ-wä
son sam-mǔt sam-mǔt
son's daughter sǎ-pǎʼ-pǎ sǎ-pǎʼ-pǎ
son's son sǎ-nǎʼ-nǎ sǎ-nǎʼ-nǎ
son's wife sǎ-peʼ-a -
wife saukʼ-we -
wife's father nish-teʼ-ǎ -
wife's mother niʼ-ya -
older brother sät-tumʼ -
older sister sǎ-gwetsʼ-sǐ-yǎ -
older sister's daughter - nu-pweʼ-ät-sin
younger brother tǔm-mǔʼ-ha-mäsh -
younger sister sä-gweʼ-sä-hä-mash -
younger sister's daughter - nu-pweʼ-ät-sin