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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter e-nookʼ e-nookʼ
daughter's daughter e-chooun̤ʼ-zhunkʼ e-chooun̤ʼ-zhunkʼ
daughter's husband wä-toʼ-hö, e-wongʼ-o-no wä-toʼ-hö, e-wongʼ-o-no
daughter's son e-chooushʼ-ka e-chooushʼ-ka
father chä-jeʼ-kä, e-unʼ-cha chä-jeʼ-kä, e-unʼ-cha
father's brother's older daughter e-nooʼ e-nooʼ
father's brother's older son e-cheʼ-to e-cheʼ-to
father's brother's younger daughter wychʼ-kä e-chunkʼ
father's brother's younger son e-sǔnkʼ e-sǔnkʼ
father's father e-choʼ-ka e-choʼ-ka
father's mother e-koʼ-ro-ka e-koʼ-ro-ka
father's sisters's older daughter e-choon̤-zhunkʼ e-nookʼ
father's sisters's older son e-choonshʼ-ka e-nekeʼ
father's sisters's younger daughter e-choon̤-zhunkʼ e-nookʼ
father's sisters's younger son e-choonshʼ-ka e-nekeʼ
father's older brother e-unʼ-chä e-unʼ-chä
father's older sister e-choon̤ʼ-we e-choon̤ʼ-we
father's younger brother e-unʼ-chä e-unʼ-chä
father's younger sister e-choon̤ʼ-we e-choon̤ʼ-we
husband - e-kunʼ-ä
husband's father - e-choʼ-ka
husband's mother - e-koʼ-ro-ka
mother e-oo-neʼ, nä-neʼ-kä e-oo-neʼ, nä-neʼ-kä
mother's brother's older daughter nä-neʼ-kä nä-neʼ-kä
mother's brother's older son e-takeʼ e-takeʼ
mother's brother's younger daughter nä-neʼ-kä nä-neʼ-kä
mother's brother's younger son e-takeʼ e-takeʼ
mother's father e-choʼ-ka e-choʼ-ka
mother's mother e-koʼ-ro-ka e-koʼ-ro-ka
mother's sisters's older daughter e-nooʼ e-nooʼ
mother's sisters's older son e-neʼ e-cheʼ-to
mother's sisters's younger daughter wychʼ-kä e-chunkʼ
mother's sisters's younger son e-sǔnkʼ e-sǔnkʼ
mother's older brother e-takeʼ e-takeʼ
mother's older sister e-ooʼ-ne-nekeʼ e-ooʼ-ne-nekeʼ
mother's younger brother e-takeʼ e-takeʼ
mother's younger sister e-ooʼ-ne-nekeʼ e-ooʼ-ne-nekeʼ
son e-nekeʼ e-nekeʼ
son's daughter e-chooun̤ʼ-zhunkʼ e-chooun̤ʼ-zhunkʼ
son's son e-chooushʼ-ka e-chooushʼ-ka
son's wife e-nook-chekʼ-aw-chau e-nook-chekʼ-aw-chan
wife e-chawʼ-e -
wife's father e-choʼ-ka -
wife's mother e-koʼ-ro-ka -
older brother e-neʼ e-cheʼ-to
older brother's daughter e-nookʼ e-nookʼ
older brother's son e-nekeʼ e-chooushʼ-ka
older sister e-nooʼ e-nooʼ
older sister's daughter e-choon̤-zhunkʼ e-chäʼ-hˑkun
older sister's son e-choushʼ-ka e-chä-hˑkunʼ
younger brother e-sǔnkʼ e-sǔnkʼ
younger brother's daughter e-nookʼ e-nookʼ
younger brother's son e-nekeʼ e-chooushʼ-ka
younger sister wychʼ-kä e-chunkʼ
younger sister's daughter e-choon̤-zhunkʼ e-chäʼ-hˑkun
younger sister's son e-choushʼ-ka e-chä-hˑkunʼ