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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter n'-däʼ-nis n'-däʼ-nis
daughter's daughter no-se-simʼ no-se-simʼ
daughter's husband nä-hakʼ-sim nä-hakʼ-sim
daughter's son no-se-simʼ no-se-simʼ
father nohˑ-täʼ-we nohˑ-täʼ-we
father's brother's older daughter ne-mishʼ ne-mishʼ
father's brother's older son neese-taseʼ neese-taseʼ
father's brother's younger daughter ne-she-mishʼ ne-sha-mishʼ
father's brother's younger son ne-sha-mishʼ ne-sha-mishʼ
father's father ne-mo-shomeʼ ne-mo-shomeʼ
father's mother no-kome' no-kome'
father's sisters's older daughter neeʼ-che-moosh n'-jäʼ-koase
father's sisters's older son nee-säsʼ neeʼ-she-moos
father's sisters's younger daughter neeʼ-che-moosh n'-däʼ-koase
father's sisters's younger son neeʼ-säsʼ neeʼ-che-moosh
father's older brother noʼ-ko-mish noʼ-ko-mish
father's older sister nis-se-goosʼ nis-se-goosʼ
father's younger brother noʼ-ko-mish noʼ-ko-mish
father's younger sister nis-se-goosʼ nis-se-goosʼ
husband - nä-bameʼ
husband's father - nee-sisʼ
husband's mother - nis-se-goosʼ
mother n'-gäʼ-we n'-gäʼ-we
mother's brother's older daughter neeʼ-che-moosh n'-jäʼ-koase
mother's brother's older son nee-säsʼ neeʼ-che-moosh
mother's brother's younger daughter neeʼ-che-moosh n'-jäʼ-koase
mother's brother's younger son nee-säsʼ neeʼ-che-moosh
mother's father ne-mo-shomeʼ ne-mo-shomeʼ
mother's mother no-kome' no-kome'
mother's sisters's older daughter ne-mishʼ ne-mishʼ
mother's sisters's older son neese-taseʼ neese-taseʼ
mother's sisters's younger daughter ne-she-mishʼ ne-she-mishʼ
mother's sisters's younger son ne-sha-mishʼ ne-sha-mishʼ
mother's older brother nee-sisʼ nee-sisʼ
mother's older sister n'-doʼ-sis n'-doʼ-sis
mother's younger brother nee-sisʼ nee-sisʼ
mother's younger sister n'-doʼ-sis n'-doʼ-sis
son n'-goʼ-sis n'-goʼ-sis
son's daughter no-se-simʼ no-se-simʼ
son's son no-se-simʼ no-se-simʼ
son's wife neesh-timʼ neesh-timʼ
wife ne-wäʼ -
wife's father nee-sisʼ -
wife's mother nis-se-goosʼ -
older brother neese-taseʼ neese-taseʼ
older brother's daughter n'-doʼ-zha-mis-kwameʼ n'-doʼ-zha-mis-kwameʼ
older brother's son n'-doʼ-zhim n'-de-kwä-timʼ
older sister ne-mishʼ ne-mishʼ
older sister's daughter neesh-timʼ n'-doʼ-zha-mis-kwameʼ
older sister's son n'-de-kwä-timʼ n'-goʼ-zhim
younger brother ne-sha-mishʼ ne-sha-mishʼ
younger brother's daughter n'-doʼ-zha-mis-kwameʼ n'-doʼ-zha-mis-kwameʼ
younger brother's son n'-doʼ-zhim n'-de-kwä-timʼ
younger sister ne-sha-mishʼ ne-sha-mishʼ
younger sister's daughter neesh-che-misʼ n'-doʼ-zha-mis-kwameʼ
younger sister's son n'-de-kwä-timʼ n'-goʼ-zhim