Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife kalaghu kalaghu
daughter kumalji kumalji
daughter's daughter ka ka
daughter's husband kanale kanale
daughter's son kagwa kagwa
father kane kane
father's brother's older daughter kananji kananji
father's brother's older son kada kada
father's brother's younger daughter kanab kanab
father's brother's younger son kanugwa kanugwa
father's father kagwa kagwa
father's mother ka ka
father's sisters's older daughter kadakwa kadakwa
father's sisters's older son kadakwa kadakwa
father's sisters's younger daughter kadakwa kadakwa
father's sisters's younger son kadakwa kadakwa
father's older brother kane kane
father's older sister kalji kalji
father's younger brother kane kane
father's younger sister kalji kalji
husband - khologh
husband's brother - kane
husband's father - kanale
husband's mother - kanale
husband's sister - kalaghu
mother kanei kanei
mother's brother's older daughter kadakwa kadakwa
mother's brother's older son kadakwa kadakwa
mother's brother's younger daughter kadakwa kadakwa
mother's brother's younger son kadakwa kadakwa
mother's father kagwa kagwa
mother's mother ka ka
mother's sisters's older daughter kananji kananji
mother's sisters's older son kada kada
mother's sisters's younger daughter kanab kanab
mother's sisters's younger son kanugwa kanugwa
mother's older brother kame kame
mother's older sister kanjima kanjima
mother's younger brother kame kame
mother's younger sister kanjima kanjima
son khomaljogho khomaljogho
son's daughter ka ka
son's son kagwa kagwa
son's wife ka ka
wife kaba -
wife's brother kanuba -
wife's father kanale -
wife's mother kanale -
wife's sister kanuba -
sister's husband kanuba kanuba
older brother kada kada
older brother's daughter kumalji kumalji
older brother's son khomaljogho khomaljogho
older sister kananji kananji
older sister's daughter kumalji kumalji
older sister's son khomaljogho khomaljogho
younger brother kanugwa kanugwa
younger brother's daughter kumalji kumalji
younger brother's son khomaljogho khomaljogho
younger sister kanab kanab
younger sister's daughter kumalji kumalji
younger sister's son khomaljogho khomaljogho