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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter en-misht isht
daughter's daughter nä-poosʼ-as nä-ǎ-la
daughter's husband en-pe-shassʼ en-swaghʼ
daughter's son nä-poosʼ-as nä-ǎ-la
father pe-shitʼ, nä-tooʼ-tas pe-shitʼ, nä-tooʼ-tas
father's brother's older daughter inʼ-chats, enʼ-naks -
father's father na-poosʼ-as na-poosʼ-as
father's mother nä-ahʼläs nä-ahʼläs
father's sisters's older daughter en-naks, in-chats -
father's sisters's older son ne-pahʼ, es-hup -
father's older brother na-maghʼ-has na-maghʼ-has
father's older sister nä-sisʼ-sas nä-sisʼ-sas
father's younger brother na-maghʼ-has na-maghʼ-has
father's younger sister nä-sisʼ-sas nä-sisʼ-sas
husband - in-mǎm
husband's father - en-pe-natshʼ
husband's mother - en-pe-natshʼ
mother pe-chagh, nä-eetʼ-las pe-chagh, nä-eetʼ-las
mother's brother's older son pee-tu -
mother's father na-poosʼ-as na-poosʼ-as
mother's mother nä-ahʼläs nä-ahʼläs
mother's sisters's older daughter inʼ-chats, enʼ-naks -
mother's sisters's older son - ne-pahʼ, es-hup
mother's older brother na-kahʼ-kas na-kahʼ-kas
mother's older sister nä-maghʼ-has nä-maghʼ-has
mother's younger brother na-kahʼ-kas na-kahʼ-kas
mother's younger sister nä-maghʼ-has nä-maghʼ-has
son en-meshtʼ en-meshtʼ
son's daughter nä-poosʼ-as nä-ǎ-la
son's son nä-poosʼ-as nä-ǎ-la
son's wife eu-pe-natshʼ eu-pe-natsh
wife askʼ-sham -
wife's father en-pe-shassʼ -
wife's mother en-swaghʼ -
older brother piap, nä-aiʼ-yas piap, nä-aiʼ-yas
older brother's daughter paiʼ-yä, in pit'h paiʼ-yä, in pit'h
older brother's son in-pitʼh in-pote
older sister pǎts pǎts
older sister's daughter pai-yǎ, in-pit'h -
older sister's son pai-yä, in-pit'h pamʼ-ta
younger brother es-hupʼ patsht
younger brother's daughter paiʼ-yä, in pit'h paiʼ-yä, in pit'h
younger brother's son in-pitʼh in-pote
younger sister ats a-seep
younger sister's daughter pai-yǎ, in-pit'h -
younger sister's son pai-yä, in-pit'h pamʼ-ta