Parents' and Parents' Siblings
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Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife jaborai jaborai
child maára maára
daughter - asoa, maara
daughter's daughter apala, jakara, apara jakara
daughter's husband mó'one mó'one
daughter's son apala, jakara, apara amu, jakara
father achai, japchi achai, japchi
father's father haboi, apa, náni, jaboi haboi, apa, náni, jaboi
father's wife (not mother) waim maala waim maala
father's older sister jaka yo'owe jaka yo'owe
father's younger brother beme ja'aka beme ja'aka
husband kuna kuna
husband's brother mo'one mo'one
husband's father ase'ebwa -
husband's sister jaborai jaborai
mother áewa, maala, ae áewa, maala, ae
mother's father - apa
mother's husband (not father) waim achai waim achai
mother's mother - asu, apa
mother's younger sister's daughter ako, asowaara asowaala, asowaara
mother's younger sister's son asowaala, asowaara asowaala, asowaara
son pale asoa
son's daughter apala, jakara, apara jakara
son's son apala, jakara, apara amu, jakara
son's wife jaborai jaborai
wife jubi, húubi jubi
wife's brother mo'one mo'one
wife's father aseka -
wife's sister jaborai jaborai
sister's husband mo'one mo'one
older brother sai abachi
older sister ako ako
younger brother saila, wai, pale wai
younger sister wai wai