Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife - ŋalago
daughter jaŋ jaŋ
daughter's daughter kaga kaga
daughter's husband ŋobo ŋobo
daughter's son kaga kaga
father ida ida
father's brother's older daughter nana nana
father's brother's older son nana nana
father's brother's younger daughter wobia wobia
father's brother's younger son wobia wobia
father's father kaga kaga
father's mother kaga kaga
father's sisters's older daughter olia olia
father's sisters's older son olia olia
father's sisters's younger daughter olia olia
father's sisters's younger son olia olia
father's older brother ida ida
father's older sister ango ango
father's younger brother ida ida
father's younger sister ango ango
husband - eml
husband's brother - ŋalago
husband's brother's wife - inak
husband's father - ŋalago
husband's mother - ŋalago
husband's sister - ŋalago
husband's sister's husband - ŋobo
mother bia bia
mother's brother's older daughter olia olia
mother's brother's older son olia olia
mother's brother's younger daughter olia olia
mother's brother's younger son olia olia
mother's father kaga kaga
mother's mother kaga kaga
mother's sisters's older daughter nana nana
mother's sisters's older son nana nana
mother's sisters's younger daughter wobia wobia
mother's sisters's younger son wobia wobia
mother's older brother woga woga
mother's older sister bia bia
mother's younger brother woga woga
mother's younger sister bia bia
son jaŋ jaŋ
son's daughter kaga kaga
son's son kaga kaga
son's wife ŋalago ŋalago
wife yua -
wife's brother ŋakom -
wife's father ŋobo -
wife's mother ŋalago -
wife's sister sawok -
wife's sister's husband mə'kalo -
sister's husband mə'kalo bit
older brother nana nana
older brother's daughter yang yayango
older brother's son yang yayango
older sister nana nana
older sister's daughter woga yang
older sister's son woga yang
younger brother wobia wobia
younger brother's daughter yang yayango
younger brother's son yang yayango
younger sister wobia wobia
younger sister's daughter woga yang
younger sister's son woga yang