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Siblings and Cousins
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All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter's husband merumago merumago
daughter's husband's father emankudu emankudu
father aava aava
father's brother's wife beddamma, sowdamma beddamma, sowdamma
father's father jejava jejava
father's mother jejammo jejammo
father's sister sowdamma sowdamma
father's sister's husband beddimama beddimama
father's older brother beddava beddava
father's older sister sowdamma sowdamma
father's younger brother nanno nanno
father's younger sister sowdamma sowdamma
husband's brother matchana mago, berumama matchana mago, berumama
husband's father mama mama
husband's mother atta atta
mother amma amma
mother's brother's wife menatta menatta
mother's father tha to tha to
mother's mother jamma jamma
mother's sister's husband nanno nanno
mother's older brother menamama menamama
mother's older sister beddamma beddamma
son mago mago
son's wife's mother emanko, nangatta emanko, nangatta
wife's brother matchada, mama matchada, mama
wife's father mama mama
wife's sister bernanga bernanga
older brother anna anna
older brother's son beranna mago beranna mago
older sister beramkka beramkka
younger brother temmi temmi
younger brother's son chinna temmi mago chinna temmi mago