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Children and Niblings
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's daughter - mehen
brother's son mehen mehen
brother's wife muu hauan
child - al
child's child ca idzin -
daughter ix mehen -
daughter's daughter - abil
daughter's husband han han
daughter's husband's father bal zucun cabal
daughter's husband's mother - hauan
daughter's son ca mehen, mam abil
father yum yum
father's brother dze yum dze yum
father's brother's son mam -
father's brother's wife dze na -
father's brother's older son mam -
father's brother's younger son mam -
father's father zucun -
father's mother chich, mim mim
father's wife (not mother) mahan na mahan na
father's sister ix cit -
father's sister's husband acan noh yum
father's older brother dze yum dze yum
father's older brother's son mam -
father's older sister ix cit -
father's younger brother dze yum dze yum
father's younger brother's son mam -
father's younger sister ix cit -
husband icham icham
husband's brother muu -
husband's father hachil, noh yum hachil, noh yum
husband's mother hauan hauan
husband's sister - hauan
mother na na
mother's brother acan, han -
mother's brother's daughter cic -
mother's brother's wife ix cit -
mother's brother's older daughter cic -
mother's brother's younger daughter cic -
mother's father mam -
mother's husband (not father) mahan yum mahan yum
mother's mother chich ca cic, ca atan
mother's sister dze na -
mother's sister's husband dze yum, han dze yum
mother's sister's son mam -
mother's sisters's older son mam -
mother's sisters's younger son mam -
mother's older brother acan, han -
mother's older brother's daughter cic -
mother's older sister dze na -
mother's older sister's son mam -
mother's younger brother acan, han -
mother's younger brother's daughter cic -
mother's younger sister dze na -
mother's younger sister's son mam -
son mehen xiblal
son's daughter idzin i
son's son ca mehen, ca idzin, idzin i
son's wife ilib ilbal
son's wife's father bal -
son's wife's mother cic hauan, zucun cabal
wife atan atan
wife's brother hachil, baal -
wife's father hachil, han hachil, han
wife's mother hauan, ix han hauan, ix han
wife's sister muu -
sister's daughter - mehen, al
sister's husband hachil muu
sister's son achak mehen, al
older brother zucun zucun
older brother's daughter - mehen
older brother's son mehen mehen
older sister cic cic
older sister's daughter - mehen, al
older sister's son achak mehen, al
younger brother idzin idzin
younger brother's daughter - mehen
younger brother's son mehen mehen
younger sister idzin idzin
younger sister's daughter - mehen, al
younger sister's son achak mehen, al